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Nucleus of an Atom

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Which of the following are found in the nucleus of an atom? Protons Neutrons Electrons A and B O out of 5 4 of 20 The component of an atom or molecule that is most important in determining its chemical properties is the isotope. Neutron. Proton.  What is the maximum number of electrons the innermost shell can hold? 2 4 8 TWO 6 of 20 An atom becomes an ion when it gains or loses electrons. It gains or loses protons. It shares hydrogen atoms. It gains or loses neutrons.

The symbol CHIC represents one atom of oxygen and three atoms of carbon. Three atoms of carbon and one molecule of oxygen. Ere molecules of carbon dioxide. One atom of carbon and three atoms of oxygen.  In water, hydrogen bonding occurs between the hydrogen and an oxygen atom in the same molecule. An oxygen atom in a different molecule. A hydrogen atom in a different molecule. A hydrogen atom in the same molecule. 5 out of 5 9 of 20 Covalent bonds form when one atom gives up; electrons shares; protons gives up; neutrons shares; electrons .

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Nucleus of an Atom
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Water is an important solvent of life because it forms covalent bonds. It has cohesive properties. It forms hydrogen bonds. With another it is ionic.

Carbon is such an important molecule for life because it can form chemical bonds with a maximum of four other atoms. It can hydrogen bond to so many other molecules. It forms ionic bonds. It can form isomers. It can form chemical bonds with a maximum Of four other atoms.  Pure water has a pH of O; neither acidic nor basic 1; acidic 7; neither acidic nor basic 14; basic because it is Hydrolysis could be correctly described as heating a compound to drive off excess water and concentrate its volume. Breaking of a long-chain compound into its subunits by adding water to the

Structure between its subunits. Constant removal of hydrogen atoms from a carbohydrate. None of the above. Carbohydrate monomers are united into a polymer by means of dehydrogenation. Hydrolysis. Reverse osmosis. Dehydration synthesis. Polysaccharides are made up of Amino acids. Nucleotides. Sugars. Lipids.  Butter is made of milkman and tends to be hard at room temperature. Which of the following could be used to make the butter softer at room temperature?

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