Nucor Steel Case Analysis Questions - Revenue Essay Example

Nucor Steel Case Analysis Questions

1 - Nucor Steel Case Analysis Questions introduction - nucor steel case study. Do a five-forces (Porter) analysis of the competitive forces impacting the U.S. Steel industry. Does your analysis support Nucor’s current basic business model? The competitive forces impacting the U.S. Steel industry are that the buyers have the majority of the bargaining power, there are only a few suppliers, the internal rivalry is intense because of the price wars and lack of differentiated products, there aren’t any substitutes for steel, and there isn’t much of a threat for domestic entrants, but international companies have the resources to be somewhat of a threat to the U.S. Steel companies. Nucor’s current basic business model is one that takes advantage of those forces by being more innovative technologically, being a low-cost leader, and being very aggressive against the competition.


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2. What is your assessment of Nucor’s financial performance for the past few years? Over the past five years with the exception of 2009 during financial performance has been remarkable, they’ve increased net revenue, EBIT, EPS, and net earnings every year. A number that is troubling is their ROE, but it’s trending in the right direction.

3. Do a basic SWOT analysis of Nucor Steel. What does this reveal about Nucor’s distinctive competencies? Their strength is that they are a low-cost leader and strong financially, weakness is that they have no diversification; opportunities are that they could use joint ventures to enter new markets outside the U.S.; and threats to them are the foreign companies.

4. What recommendations would you make to the management of Nucor Steel? Try to reach different markets outside of the United States, find more environmentally friendly ways of getting rid of waste, and keep treating the employees with respect.

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