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NUR 408 Assignment Comparison Paper
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Prepare and submit a 700- to 1,050-word paper based on research from the University Library resources or the Internet. The paper must include the following:
? Research information about county, state, and national public health resources.
? Describe the history of public health, including pertinent dates and significant events, related to the agencies you have researched (county, state, and national public health resources).
? Describe the differences between public and community health, as it relates to the agencies you have researched and/or observed.
? Include at least three references.
NUR 408 Assignment Epidemiology Paper
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Prepare and submit a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper based on your clinical research of epidemiology. When selecting a population and disease, be aware that you need access to this population to present the Teaching Project Brochure in Week Six.Discuss potential groups with your facilitator and contacts you make at community or public health settings in your area.

Select one population and one disease of interest from the following lists:
? Vulnerable populations
? infants, children, or youth at risk
? Teens
? Homeless
? Elderly
? Mentally ill
? Immigrants or migrants
? Victims of violence
? Diseases for these populations might include the following:
? Viral infections
? Influenza
? Human papilloma virus
? Hepatitis
? Chronic illness
? Diabetes
? Cancer
? Heart disease
? Obesity
? Other
? Pregnancy
? Drug use
Discuss the following as related to your chosen topic:
? Definition and description of epidemiology
? Steps and methods of epidemiolog
? Review routine data (demographic, census, birth, death, and surveillance records)
? Review research data (medical and health records)
? Review epidemiological data (surveys…

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