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Planning your visit: Meeting a State Representative to Promote Advance Nurse Practitioner’s Role Chamberlain School of Nursing NR:506 Health Care Policy February 10, 2013 Affordable healthcare can enable Americans to live longer, lead more healthy lives and improve their economic potential (Hope Street, 2008) - Nurse Practitioner Visit Essay introduction. Changes in the healthcare system have been slow in comparison to the areas of industry in the twenty first century. With the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2012, there is an opportunity to seek a healthier American in advancing preventive healthcare.

Our advances in healthcare have been outstanding but the area of providing affordable and accessible healthcare leaves us behind many others nations. This paper will discuss the plan of a visit with State Representative Steven Moscowitz, highlight the importance of expanding the advanced nurse practitioner role, and provide empirical evidence to support this worthy initiative. The goals of ACA are to decrease the amount of uninsured Americans and reduce the cost of healthcare. According to researchers, approximately 75% of chronic illness stems from preventable health conditions (Center for Medicare and Medicaid, 2012).

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This strengthens the need for a more effective healthcare system where people are able to seek medical guidance and coaching on healthy lifestyles. Legislative Visit In arranging a meeting with a government official, it is important to conduct research on the area of interest as well as the person the meeting will be conducted with. In this case, Representative Jared E Moskowitz-D of Coral Springs is the government official I will arrange a meeting with. According to Representative Moskowitz website (myfloridahouse. org) he was elected in 2012 and has lived in Florida for over thirty years.

Additional information revealed that he is associated with Ashbritt Environmental as a director of Government Relations and General Counsel. He is actively involved as a Health and Human Service Access Subcommittee. Representative Moskowitz has held a political office within the State of Florida since 2006 starting as a city commissioner and was born in Coral Springs, Florida. This information will allow a note of familiarity as I have been a resident since 1971, which allows conversation pertaining to the development of the City of Coral Springs.

This information is important when establishing a discussion as you need to know not only what you are passionate about (advancing role of ANP’s) but also the Representative’s own history and interest he may have. It will help in “breaking the ice”, at the beginning of the meeting. After I contacted Rep Moskowitz’s office and explained my reason for wanting an audience with him thru his legislative assistant (Ayden Maher), I was given a date of March 7, 2013 at 1:00 p. m. In preparing for a meeting, it is important to work on presentation skills prior to the meeting (Beagrie & Thacker, 2007).

Poise, speaking confidently and altering the pitch of your voice will help captivate the audience. Equally important is projecting a positive outlook and persona and encouraging discussion during the meeting which will assist in capturing the attention of the listener. Since Rep. Moskowitz is involved in Healthcare Appropriations Subcommittee it is crucial that all information is evidence-based or the meeting may come to a halt and end unsuccessfully. I did not find it difficult to obtain an audience with the Rep. Moskowitz as he attended school with my oldest daughter.

I am also active in the Florida Hospital Association and have been able to develop relationships with other key members in the hospital setting as well as the government sector. Networking is a key component in opening doors of communication when requesting an audience with a politician. Key Strategies Nurse practitioners provide care of equivalent quality to physicians at a lower cost, while achieving high levels of patient satisfaction which includes counseling on disease prevention, health education and promotion of healthy activities.

With healthcare expenses continuing to soar, it is predicted that by expanding the role of advance nurse practitioners could be the key to decreasing the cost associated with unnecessary emergency room visits and could be seen at urgent care centers. Currently, patients who do not have healthcare elect to present themselves to the area’s ER. This unnecessary strain on the hospitals has burdened the financial aspect as they are forced to absorb the cost of the uninsured. According to the National Association of Healthcare Centers one-third of ED visits are avoidable and could be seen in a primary care setting, such as the urgent care model.

By proposing to expand the role of the advanced nurse practitioner, those patients currently being seen in the ER could be directed to a primary care center which would be more cost effective in their care. These centers would be a preventive measure in the healthcare setting. An ANP offers the role of the medical provider would not only be able to provide care for the patient, but also address the educational model to assist in the patient’s ability to manage their health concern before it becomes chronic. . Empirical Evidence

This would be a key factor in reducing the amount that is currently being spent in Florida for Medicaid recipients (Florida Legislature Department of Program, Policy Analysis, 2013). The savings could be as little as $7 million to $44 million a year. Rick Scott, the current Governor of the State of Florida has stated that “Nurse Practitioners are truly partners in the healthcare of their patients, so that in addition to clinical services, they focus on health promotion, disease prevention, health education and counseling, guiding patients in making smarter health and lifestyle choices”.

Florida has 7. 0% of the nation’s ANP employed (state healthfacts. org, 2011). It would also be prudent to discuss that legislation is currently working towards eliminating the need for the ANP to work under the supervision of a physician as currently the “fee” for the physician and supervisory requirements raise healthcare costs and limits access to care. Securing Rep. Moskowitz’s support on changing the role of the ANP is imperative towards Florida’s financial outcome. Personal Experience

Nurses experience many different situations while caring for their patients. These experiences whether positive or negative help form the practice of that person. This creates an excellent opportunity to impact public policy in a positive direction. It is our obligation to strengthen skills that enable us to influence public policy so we can better serve patients. As an Advance Nurse Practitioner in the Labor and Delivery area, the APN has the unique experience in being involved in a very personal level.

When a patient arrives in an antepartum situation such as newly diagnosed gestational diabetic, the ANP has the responsibility to assist in the education of the management of the diabetes. The patient is acutely aware that the management of this disease process does not only affect her well-being but that of her unborn child. After the patient has been stabilized and is able to manager her diabetes, the patient is then sent home with a follow-up with a perinatologist.

While this is the normal course at this time, with the expanded role of the ANP the patient would be directed to their care at a substantial reduction of cost to both the patient and government/insurance company. Another example would be the patient with recurring miscarriages. Because of limited prenatal care the patient has not had a successful pregnancy with two prior losses at 12 weeks. Her reasoning has been due to the lack of funds for early prenatal care and irregular menstrual periods.

According to her history she reports the pregnancy at between 10-12 weeks, at which time she presents to the ER with vaginal bleeding. With the ACA, this patient would be able to obtain healthcare and thru the management of an ANP she would be able to have additional testing before getting pregnant, which would provide any markers that may cause her miscarriages and or include progesterone support to ensure her pregnancy. The role of the Advance Nurse Practitioner is to investigate, assist, support and education her patients to a healthy outcome.

While in the case of the patient with previous miscarriages, the ANP could assure the patient she was not at fault, educate her on the need for the progesterone support, and direct her and her partner to a multiple loss support group in her area. Conclusion The demand for primary care providers is increasing with the growing population of aging baby boomers and the increasing availability of affordable healthcare. The government has the unique opportunity of creating a cost effective model of healthcare providers by expanding the current role and responsibility of the advanced nurse practitioner.

State representatives such as Representative Jared Moskowitz have the opportunity of being a forerunner in supporting this healthcare initiative by supporting a bill allowing the expansion of the nurse practitioners role and that of the primary care centers. His support would help to eliminate millions of taxpayer’s dollars being spent carelessly by the reduction of emergency room visits. The expansion of primary care centers employed by the ANP could provide nonemergent care currently being seen in area ER’S, allowing hospital personnel to focus care on the acute care patient.

My concluding statement with Rep. Moskowitz will include the knowledge that he will have the support of the nearly 13,000 nurse practitioners of the State of Florida. A thank you letter would also be sent to remind of him of the importance of his support in changing Florida’s future in healthcare. Ensuring that Americans have accessible, patient centered, comprehensive care when they need it and that this care is coordinated with all other parts of the healthcare system is still the imperative (Starfish & Shi, 2007).

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