Nursing Knowledge

Nursing Knowledge

            In any kind of profession, the professionals need to continue accumulating knowledge in their field - Nursing Knowledge introduction. This is important because knowledge is very dynamic and it directly affects the practice of the field. In this regard, nursing is not very different. As nurses practice their profession, they need to continue accumulating knowledge. But given the rigorous needs and schedule of nursing practice, accumulating nursing knowledge in practice is a challenge. In this regard, generating knowledge from practice is not only important but should be encouraged in the field (Carr, 2005, p. 333).

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            There are several factors that influence the generation of nursing knowledge from practice. These include the context of nursing practice, the organizational culture and its structures, as well as the level of education and the development of experiences in the field. Given this, nursing knowledge will become dynamic and always changing through time. Experiential learning therefore becomes equally important with classroom learning. Lived experience in the field of nursing therefore becomes an important aspect of knowing nursing. Processing information therefore is important as the knowledge will only be derived through a careful analysis of information and experience. The perceptions of experience should be shared among different nursing practitioners and this will be followed by trying to make sense of these experiences. When sufficient insights have been collected, then the process of theorizing, generating generalizations, concepts, and principles will follow. Lastly, these principles will then be applied in order to further enrich nursing practice (Carr, 2005, p. 336).

            As part of articulating knowing in nursing practice, several practices need to be instituted. Keen observation followed by a dialogue could generate important insights regarding knowledge and practice. Likewise, there should be a deliberate recording of narratives and transcribe discussions as these would also yield important insights in the practice. Individual insights are good yet it is equally important for these individual insights to become a part of a collective so that the nursing practice could be enriched further and such knowledge would become useful.


Carr, S. M. (2005). Knowing Nursing—The Challenge of Articulating Knowing in Practice. Nurse Education in Practice, 5, 333-339.

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