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Nurture Strongly Influences Early Human Development

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Early human development plays such an important role in children’s stage of growth. Refer to several discussions surround by different interactions and views to human development issue, it not yet acknowledges between the effects of nature which infants are already provided from their birth compare to what nurture can be influenced through its environment circumstances or having knowledge by training. Thus, this essay will describe the comparison between nurture and nature, to balance its ability in human development.

It is possible to argue that nature has been led to more benefits due to the power of heredity.

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Nurture Strongly Influences Early Human Development
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According to Charles Darwin’s theory, the source of human resource reminded the result of each person’s heredity. The positive outcome that old generations have been obtained can be passed down to their next generations as well as the negative ones through gene. In fact, gene programming is responsible to create everyone’s characteristics, physical appearance and some innate talent.

It actually creates each person’s own different identity via their personality traits and abilities.

Another nature account is applied from 19th century psychologist, William James who reviewed that newborn infant encounter the world with a complex system that will used their five senses to develop straight fully in their lifetime such taste discrimination and tone detection in their early life. Otherwise, it has been stated that human development can’t be that quality without nurture.

Refer to a famous psychologist named John B. Watson, he quoted in his theory which illustrated his strong side with nurture by describe his responsibility to raise healthy children through professional education and intellectual function he expected. Among some reports, extensive motor behavior is due to having additional practice in their early life. For example, walking lesson can accelerate baby’s walking earlier than those without any practice.

Atmosphere and environment also make a big impact. Different environments cause different pros and cons. The answer is reveal through the contrast between children who live with high conversional people and children in remote villages. Their development of speech are distant as rear in better environment, receive more mature and more quality in speaking and speech. As nurture and nature both announce their strong point, the comparison need to be introduce for balance this factor’s influence.

With biological structures form a fetus in woman’s body, that process will be ruined if environmental conditions have been threated in some case such as a mother catches German measles, which leave infant born somehow handicapped or with poor version. Therefore, environment embraces an affect to shape a man. There is some evidence provided that a negative behavior, who inherited from their birth, is able to fixed through knowledge like learning, related to nurture. That’s why training dominates the center stage from the original talent in order to foster human’s positive habits and education.

All things considered, according to the nurture and nature including their individual cause to effect as well as final comparisons, the most noticeable viewpoint is the remarkable effect of nurture toward early human process in sequences of life. Despite how much everyone retains any advantages or disadvantage they inherit, their following experience in life will gain potentials to change those original functions by adding more knowledge. This point is illustrated that natures truly lead to well-form person but can’t say the same to produce a well-mental or bright personality person without the nurture assisting.

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Nurture Strongly Influences Early Human Development. (2016, Nov 27). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/nurture-strongly-influences-early-human-development/

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