Nutrition 241 Essay

With this week’s assignment it was important to really pay attention to my personal eating habits and with the Super Tracker Food Counter it was very easy to do so - Nutrition 241 Essay introduction. The super tracker is a system set up that monitors every single food my body intakes and tracks the calories as well as nutrients and other analysis as well.

My current eating habits in my opinion are healthy and fine for what I am trying to do. I am currently trying to bulk to put on even more muscle than I have. I currently work out at least four times a week for a minimum of two hours per day. I lift weights in the morning around 8am for about forty-five minutes to an hour and then around 5pm I play basketball for cardio purposes for an hour or more.

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I tend to eat lean things but eat in excess sometimes so I can gain the weight I need to put on muscle. I start my day with protein shakes and egg whites with turkey bacon on wheat bread for breakfast. Then for lunch I usually eat some type of chicken sandwich, either fried or grilled and majority of the time I order it from Chick-fil-A. I will work out then usually drink a Gatorade after alongside a protein shake before dinner. Dinner for me usually includes some type of meat such as steak or chicken with some type of vegetable as a side. Throughout the day I snack on things like bananas, candy, and chips.

According to the Super Tracker, I am on pace to actually lose weight with the diet I had for those three days. I ate the same thing each day just so I could make the assignment a little easier for myself and that is pretty much how I eat anyway. The foods that I ate were good for me I thought, but according to the super tracker I was not getting enough vegetables or whole grains. The category I ate the fewest foods was vegetables. I usually tend to eat vegetables or some type of green food.

The six categories of food are grains, vegetables, dairy, protein, fruits, and oils. These categories should make up your daily diet and there are guidelines that should be followed when it comes to portions and how much should be eaten of each category.

I try to follow the guidelines as much as possible when it comes to the food pyramid and the six categories of food. I know that I have an overload of protein because I drink protein shakes for muscle gains. I also eat a lot of fruits like bananas, apples, grapes, and oranges. My favorite category is actually fruits because they have sugar. I am a fan of sugar although it is not healthy.

In order for me to change my eating habits I could add more vegetables that way I am changing in a healthier way. I can eat green beans and spinach. Adding the proper serving amount could balance my nutrition and make my diet a lot healthier. Also I could add some whole grains in my diet. Things such as whole wheat bread or natural oatmeal are good sources of whole grains.

When I incorporate the new eating habits I believe it can be beneficial to my health now and my health in the future. Although I feel as if I am very healthy now and I work out routinely, I can always be even healthier. With me having asthma it makes my health an even bigger priority because the healthier my insides are, the better my asthma can be controlled.

Being healthy is a choice a person has to make and when that person makes a conscious decision that they will eat right and exercise so they can control their health, it is a goal that must be accomplished and in order to accomplish it you have to work hard every day and clean up your diet.

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