Obesity Essay - Part 3

Ms - Obesity Essay introduction. Verbout English 101 M & W 9:30 Obese Consumer’s Vs. Fast Food Industries When you see an obese child eating at a fast food industry with more than enough food for two meals, who’s to blame? That child consumer, the parents of the consumer, or the fast food industries, you decide. Fast food presents its self as delicious, but in reality it’s the opposite with the fats in it, the grease and how unhealthy it can be for you. When it comes to fast food it is hard to not crave it.

A lot of people are guilty of eating it, as I know I am, But many consumers rely and eat it almost every day should this be blamed on the fast food industries? Or should the consumers who chose to eat way too much be blamed? Do obese consumers have anywhere to stand if they want to blame the fast food industry? For most people yes they do. When an obese consumer is eating a big mac or any food at a fast food chain they have a right to know exactly what they are eating since they are paying for it. Most fast food chains aren’t stamping wrappers or the menu with everything that is being put into their food or how it is being made.

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In a recent article “McDonalds Announces End to Pink Slime in Burgers” by Matthew Rosenbaum goes into depth of what this pink slime is. These trimmings, which consist of what’s left of the meat after all the choice cuts of beef are taken, are banned for human consumption in the U. K, where they are instead used for dog and chicken food. They are legal for consumption in the United States, however, where they are treated with ammonium hydroxide in order to kill off bacteria such as E. coli and make it safe for human consumption. 1) This means that the consumers who aren’t watching the news nor have internet can’t find out these types of things, which makes them unaware of these things. With these “trimmings” what can happen with our nation’s health? The fast food Industries see all the problems America is having with health care due to obesity, why isn’t anything being done? Americas obesity problems that are caused by fast food chains, some consumers like to believe, are making things like “extra wide coffin business”(1) come into play, mentioned in University of Minnesota news.

When America sees this is happening why aren’t they taking action for themselves? The Mayo Clinic mentions 5 ways to make your fast food healthy and less fattening as you can. The Mayo Clinic Staff gives these options, “smaller portion size, choose a healthier side (substitute fries), go for greens, eat grilled instead if fried, and watch what you drink”. Although many consumers ignore these and eat what they want, it still becomes the consumers fault of why their obese. This means that even before most obese consumer’s death bed their obesity issue isn’t taking any tolls on their life.

Having people in your life that are obese can be hard. Watching them gain weight and not caring it could possibly kill them and then their death not only affecting them but the people who love them. So why not have the fast food chains, or consumers try and do something about it. Some obese consumers bring up law suits due to their obesity that they believe is connected to a fast food industry, as such in this article “The Super Sizing of America: Are Fast Food Chains to Blame for the Nations Obesity? by Jenny Murphy. “The health care costs of treating obesity-related illnesses mount; some are looking to place the blame for increasing obesity rates on the purveyors of fast food” (2) . When obese consumers start to look for people to blame then they tend to never blame themselves and blame other people or things, like the fast food industries. Although Consumers have a choice to eat fast food or not, some consumers are blaming fast food for their obesity health problems so this is where the lawyers come in.

For example my mom is Lawyer at Ewanzyic Law Firm in Southern California and my mom always seems annoyed by the fact that people blame and try to sue people of certain industries for things that they can avoid or do to themselves but don’t take the blame. Although sometimes consumers do have the right to sue, for instant with the “pink slime” that was being found in McDonalds Burgers. What are the consumer’s real thoughts on fast food though? Many consumers have different views on fast food. In a recent article “What Consumers Think? the author unknown recorded, “Six hundred seventy-three respondents entered the survey, which was conducted by Litchfield Research” (1). For a bad experience in a fast food restaurant 53% percent responded that they have had one and 39% percent have complained and refused to return to a fast food restaurant they have eaten at. As for me I have had a bad experience at Burger King with all my fries being green. But in the near future I still chose to eat there when I was hungry or wanted it. So in some cases no matter the experience people can still choose to eat unhealthy food even though they know it isn’t good or healthy for them.

So again the consumers are choosing to eat fast food with the fast food industries forcing nothing upon them. When consumers are eating at a fast food chain it is their choice to eat wisely. Obese consumers eating at a fast food chain are not being forced to eat a super-sized meal. “According to the center for disease control and prevention, more than one third of the U. S. 33. 8% are obese as are 17% of our children” Morrison Maureen recorded in an article “Who’s to Blame for a Fat America? ” (1). With that being said consumers are not being forced to eat poorly or at a fast food chain.

Although most consumers know they are obese they still chose to eat out at fast food chains and not care. Why aren’t people taking a care for the way they look? Is being obese becoming more socially acceptable? When becoming obese not caring, and letting a fast food chain take the blame for your own personal problem. When is American going to realize enough is enough? When will the obese consumers stop and take the blame for themselves or when are the fast food chains going to start making a healthier selection or stop letting America have so many bad choices?

You chose when you want to not eat at a fast food chain and let the fast food chains wins an obese battle that never seems to end with America. What can be done? What can make America realize that their own self control over food and the size they are, can be blamed on no one but themselves. When it comes to this and yourself control a better healthy life style can only be advertised just as much as a food fast hamburger. When things are advertised on the television it can catch people’s attention and maybe help them realize that their obesity is not only affecting them but everyone who loves or cares about them.

I know for myself when Victoria Secrets models come on television it makes me want to eat healthier and stay skinny. When obese consumers see this what is going through their heads? Do they not care? Obese consumers need to take a stand for themselves and the ones they care about to make themselves better. Works Cited “Consumers Take Responsibility for Obesity. ” California Farmer. Google, 22 July 2004. Web. 26 Mar 2012. <http://farmprogress. com/story-consumers-take-responsibility-for-obesi

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