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What Is My Style

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The importance of style can be very vital to some and less critical for others. Most say my form of style is not normal or they can say it’s creative; either way you can say I fit in the category of the less serious style. An example of my creativity is how different my clothing ranges. One day I will be wearing a cut-off flannel with some cut-off jean shorts. The next day I will be wearing a snap-back hat with skinny jeans and a DC Shoes long sleeve shirt.

Yes, am different, but that is how I like it.

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What Is My Style
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I hate to have the same kind of style every day, but no matter what I wear, whether it’s a skater style, or a hick style, I will always have my old blue vans. My raggedy, old vans have been through more struggles than I have. When I look at them I disregard that they look rather rugged, also I try to forget they are not even comforTABLE.

The only thing focus on is the story behind them. The fact that have had them for only a year and a half astonishes me. When I got them they weren’t new, but they looked much better than they do now.

When I first heard of them I was not expecting them to have the comical impact it has on me today. The only thought that processed through my mind was “Sweet! Free shoes! ” Though they were not bought for a price, they are priceless to me. It wouldn’t be right if I went on describing the pair of shoes together, because they are both different. So I will start out with my left foot. Size 1 1 just as the other, the laces are tied at all times to be more prepared if they need to be put on quickly. My left footed shoe I have named Lefty.

Lefty still as the sole padding of the shoe but on the downside the heel section is now a hole. This showed me use my heel more than the rest of my foot; one of the many things my shoes have taught me. The outsold of Lefty is dirty, ripped, faded, smelly and many other disgusting characteristics. To remind you, my shoes at one point did not look like the disaster they are now. On the right side of the outsold there is faded letters and numbers. The letters and numbers that are there now are N, O, and 2. Now some will say, ‘ ‘What does that mean?

I will simply reply in laughter because of the story behind it. How this combination of letters and numbers appeared on Lefty is a memory that describes me quite well. One day sitting in on my bible study I had a permanent marker (color black) and decided it would be a wise idea to write the name of my Church along with the year it was, 2013. The name of my church group is Oneness Christian Fellowship, but for short it’s just Oneness. So start to write n-e-o-x-e-n-o then got to the s. Here is where the humor begins. Was focused on the year too much that I started to write the 2013.

So to catch you up to speed I have written Nosecone so far, that is where questioned if I was ill-advised. Realizing that I made a mistake I took the situation and turned it from serious to hilarious. Since my shoes symbolize me I decided to make them funny like I am. I ended up with Oneness’s when the writing was done. This symbolizes me because am a funny, boisterous guy who doesn’t care what people think but only of the truth behind it. So this was the truth behind it I was foolish. Rights is one of those objects that I can say if it were human, he would be my best friend.

But to describe him to you would be even more joyous than Lefty. There are many things different between my pair shoes, but there is also many things the same. Both of my shoes are always tied so I don’t have to take the time to do it over and over again. Also the јo have faded writing on the outer sole, they smell horrendous, and they are masked with dirt. On the other hand the writing on this shoe happened seconds after I wrote on my left shoe. After I brutally murdered Lefty with my lack of literacy decided to be more cautious this time around.

To point out; was going through a tag at this point where I would write or say things that made completely no sense in order to cause laughter, this again was explaining my personality. The writing on my shoe said, “l Know Jesus A lot Cats! ” Now before you judge me harshly I do realize the lack of wisdom in the statement at this point in my life. The only thing left of it now is “Jesus” which am completely fine with. So I guess you can say no matter how many trials or how much dirt you step in Jesus will always be there.

My style is careless like, I said; thought the best way to prove this to you loud be describing my shoes. My shoes are dead and old, but I do not wear them because they look cool, and I don’t wear clothes because others like them, or because it’s the popular thing these days. Rights and Lefty are the only piece of clothing that describes me vividly. Yes, could use a new pair of shoes and I would wear them with no issue. Am not writing to tell you I won’t wear another pair of shoes besides my old vans, because this is not the case. I am a: funny, dirty, rugged, loyal guy that will stay together as long as I can.

These characteristics describe me as much as my shoes. Rights and feet describe my personality well, when my friend Logan laughs at my shoes he doesn’t laugh because they don’t look appealing, he chuckles then says, “that is so you! ” Everyone has their own material object that they love; not because of the look, but because of the story behind it and what the object and you have gone through. The definition of style should not be the outer look; style should be what your object means to you. My Vans mean a lot to me and they describe me as a person and they will always have style to me.

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