Human Observation Paper

This paper reports on observations of my daughter, Charlae. Who is now 23 years old. Being 23 years old and born in 1986 would make her of the generation of techno- boomers. This is the generation that is considered selfish and self-centered. This generation has also made the computer another member of the family. And now Charlae has a happy symbiotic relationship with technology, electronics have seeped into every aspect of her life.

Charlae is exposed daily to a variety of environmental stressors, such as noise, pollution, or density, which causes her to adopt specific adjustment behaviors characterized by unfriendliness and egoism. Techno-boomers Having observed Charlae since she was an infant her behavior has changed considerably. Being of the generation of techno boomers, she communicates mostly by emails, facebook, youtube, twitter, texts, and instant messaging. Meaning there is very little if any verbal communication between she and I.

As far as what might motivate her to act the way she does I think that the technical and high tech society of today has contributed considerably. Educational Level Charlae’s educational level has progressed to a bachelor’s degree in marketing. So I am very proud of the fact that she has achieved such a degree of expertise in this particular field. However the selfishness and self-centeredness is still quite disturbing. Charlae’s educational journey started with her attending Bagley Elementary then on to Cass Technical High

School, and finally Howard University. She has excelled quite nicely. Economic Status Charlae’s economic status is very suitable to the high tech lifestyle she now lives. She has her own place, automobile, and a very high paying job as a marketing representative. I still love her though in spite of the behaviors she has been expressing toward me.


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