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Ocd Monologue

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Drama Scene: Character is sitting at a desk, leaning back on the chair he is sitting in, tapping his finger against his leg in a fast rhythm. There are multiple chalkboards with markings that indicate counting, with various amounts of lines on the boards. On the desk is an iPad. ‘Three knocks are heard’ ‘Character counts to five on his fingers’ “Come in” ‘A few seconds pause’ “Oh, you must be the new psychologist they’ve been talking about. Of course I can hear them, the walls are so thin you can hear everything they do.

Hey, you know what though? ‘Character makes one cross on a board’ “You’ve come here on a special day. It’s the 730th day since I was diagnosed. That’s two years ago today. Two years since I was diagnosed with OCD. Lets see what else there is… ” ‘Character searches through the chalkboards marking two of them’ “Oh what do we have here? ” ‘Character pulls one chalkboard out and marks it’ “You are the 100th psychologist they’ve sent after me.

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Ocd Monologue
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Congratulations, I guess. ” “How does it make me feel? I don’t know, I guess I feel kinda bad for my parents, because they waste all their money on me. “Hm? Oh, I keep looking at my iPad because I run a blog. It turns out people want to know the thoughts of a teenager with mental health problems” “Oh I tell them about how I’m feeling, what I’ve done today, if I’m trying anything new to try and treat it. ” “What type of treatments? My parents have been trying to get me to do all this new age stuff which is meant to help. ” “What do I mean? Well so far I’ve tried meditation, which is just sitting down until your butt hurts and then just sitting there some more.

Then they tell you to think about your personal life which is just terribly depressing for me, you know? What am i talking about? Of course you understand, you’re being paid to understand. Oh, then they tried making me do exercise and sports, because that should make me relaxed. The one downside was that I was so unfit from months of doing nothing around the house that I couldn’t muster up the energy to do anything other than faint. That was months ago. They stopped trying to get me to go through with their treatments for a while. Then about a week ago, they come up with a new bright spark. Let’s get our kid to try music! ” My body couldn’t handle such a change and I fainted within minutes. Now I can’t stop tapping my finger. I don’t know why. A few weeks ago they tried to put me on medication. I keep trying to let it work, but it doesn’t. All it does is make me sick. Every morning all I do is throw up, until there’s nothing left to throw up, then I throw up some more. They’re getting more and more desperate for me to get better. I overheard them talking about something called electroshock therapy last week, which is exactly what it sounds like.

I also heard them talking about psycho-surgery, which is pretty much just deep-brain surgery, then they discussed some weird sugars, vitamin supplements and even LSD and a bunch of other experimental stuff, they’re really getting desperate. It’s not just that that I hear, I hear them yelling about how much all of this costs. About how much they have to cut back on just so they can afford what they do to me. ” “Schools? They tried to put me back in my old school at first, but I screamed at the teachers, then passed out. Then they tried me in a school for kids like me, which just felt insulting, and depressing.

I miss school. Not the school which made me feel like I was so different that I needed to be removed from society, but the school which I had friends at. The school which I felt normal at. I miss just feeling normal sometimes. ” “The worst? The worst part of all this is that I know what I’m doing and I know all about the illness that’s caught me in its web. The worst thing my parents made me try was to learn I wouldn’t stop, not to eat, not to drink, not to sleep, not to speak not for anything. I guess I just miss who I used to be, and if I could have anything, then it would be that. “

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