Of Mice and Men and Revenge

“About Revenge” Revenge and anger are emotions that affect humans in their lives and will ultimately lead them nowhere. This is seen in Bacon’s article “About Revenge”, literature of the world, and someones personal experiences. In Bacon’s article “About Revenge”, he reveals his personal opinion about revenge. Bacon states “when one refuses to take revenge, he shows that he is better than his enemy. ” Bacon believes the person who does not take revenge and can forgive for what has been done to them is the better person.

Bacon believes that, “people who take revenge live the life of witches”, and, “they cause trouble to others and it all comes to a bad end for them anyway. ”(Bacon) Over all Francis Bacon thinks revenge and worrying about past injuries is just a waste of time and ultimately someone would get nothing out of it but a life of a witch and everything would come to a bad end anyway. There are situations of revenge in many works of writing such as Shakespeare’s world read play Hamlet and Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men.

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In the play Hamlet the situation of revenge that was most straight forward was Lareties’s revenge on Hamlet. Lareties decides to take revenge a cowardly way by challenging Hamlet to a fencing duel but ensures his victory by dipping the tip of his sword in a very potent and deadly poison. This situation would connect to Bacon’s article because he states “not letting your enemy know you are going to get even is a cowardly thing to do. ” This corresponds to Lareties putting the poison on his sword without Hamlet knowing. Another novel that has a situation of revenge is Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.

The character Lennie has mental problems and accidentally breaks Curly’s wife’s neck. Curly found out it was Lennie who did it and wanted to kill him but Lennie’s friend George did not want this to happen so he took on the responsibility himself and shot Lennie himself. I believe Francis Bacon’s opinion is the right way to treat revenge. “when one refuses to take revenge, he shows that he is better than his enemy. ” (Bacon) I have my own personal experience that revenge takes place in. My brother Lee took my brand new bike without asking me because I used to take is all the time without asking too. He took my bike over to the jumps near my house. When he went off one of the jumps he went to land wand came up short and cased the landing hard blowing out my back tire and cracking my brand new back rim. When he came back home he left my bike where I had left it and when my parents walked by and saw it they yelled at me for the broken rim and the destroyed tire. I knew it was Lee who did it but I was not going to take revenge and tell my parents because I knew it was no use. “People who spend their time worrying about past injuries just waste their time. The consequences would soon come to him anyway by guilt because at the moment it would have been a waste of my time to tell on him and get my revenge. In conclusion, revenge can be seen in many forms. It can be seen in forms such as articles, world literature, and personal experiences. Francis Bacon’s article “About Revenge” is his opinion about revenge and the certain situations he feels it is alright to take it. A couple forms of world literature revenge can be found in are Of Mice and Men and Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Most of all a situation of revenge someone could relate to is their own personal experience. Sweitzer

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