Of Mice and Men Defending George Essay

Timothy Beaulieu Ms - Of Mice and Men Defending George Essay introduction. Messier English 10H 2/27/13 George the Murderer As George’s lawyer, Timothy Beaulieu, I will be defending my litigant George Milton in this murder trial. George Milton was charged with premeditated murder for killing Lennie Small. One might find it alarming that George killed his best friend, Lennie, after all their aforementioned adventures together. Another might find it eccentric that Curley’s wife was killed and then Lennie gets killed shortly after.

Accusations one after another by Curly himself has led up to George being charged with premeditated murder. Curly can not say that George has been planning this murder for a long time because of how random Curley’s wife’s death was. I do feel sympathetic towards Curly because of his loss? however, I am positive that he does not have the answers to why George decided to kill Lennie. George’s decision to kill Lennie is justified because if Curly and the mob got a hold of Lennie, they would have hurt Lennie and they would have possibly tortured him as well.

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Of Mice and Men Defending George
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George’s decision to kill Lennie is also substantiated because George wanted the best for everybody, plus he wanted Lennie to understand the beauty of owning a farm and farm animals. Curly would have hurt Lennie really bad, or he would have put him in a cage and kept him locked up. “I’m gonna shoot the guts outta that big bastard myself, even if I only got one hand” (Steinbeck 98). George said that Curly is known for confrontations, his mean­spirited personality, and

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