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Of Mice & Men – Personal Relevance Humanities Literature Essay

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In the work Of Mice and Men by George Steinbeck the theme of the dream is what stood out the most to me. Coming from an economic situation similar to George and Lennie, I understand the importance that holding onto a dream can have to someone who has almost nothing else to their name. Having a dream is a drive which is necessary to have to ultimately push through the difficulties and problems which life can present you. In Of Mice and Men, the only thing that George and Lennie had to their name was the clothes on their back and a backpack of travelling necessities.

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Of Mice & Men – Personal Relevance Humanities Literature
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Since they were always on the move they were not able to carry things such as books, or personal mementos that other more permanent characters, like Crooks, could. They had no home or family or any personal effect other than each other and moving from place to place constantly did not help this for them.

But having a dream was something they could hold onto no matter how far they had to travel or how often they were forced to travel by Lennie’s mistakes.

I personally understand these problems because to an extent my life has been very similar to theirs. Constantly moving due to the mistakes of my parents, like Lennie’s mistakes to George, I was never truly able to hold onto many personal objects, other than a box or two and what we could carry with us. Living a life like this has many negative repercussions, which George seems to carry but not Lennie, that tend to leave people very upset, depressed and even short tempered like George.

But like George, Lennie and I, we found a dream to hold onto which gives us our strength to push on no matter what problems seem to hold us down or make our lives difficult. George and Lennie’s dream was a simple one, to one day stop moving from ranch to ranch just to survive and to at long last to “live off the fatta the land” as Lennie said multiple times, and not have to move from place to place. I can relate to this because my dream was not much different than that and to live comfortably without the troubles of living in a poor family and always moving from place to place.

This is a dream which all people who come from similar lives seem to have; both Candy and Crooks took interest in the idea of buying a ranch and no longer having to work for someone else just to survive another day. I feel that myself and many others who come from poor or unstable homes or lives hold onto a dream like this because their happiness and lives depend on it. Lennie and George were both infatuated with this dream.

I believe this is what kept them going no matter what problems Lennie caused or where they had to work because they truly believed that one day they would be able to live out this dream. I can personally say that I am in the process of living out my dream, even though less than six months ago my dream seemed impossible and was put down by those who meant most to me. Without this dream I feel that it is safe to say that Lennie and George would not have been able to deal with the problems which life had thrown at them and would have ultimately lacked the drive needed to survive in the world.

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