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Oh My Lord Cherish In My Heart

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It is an amphibian organism. It has five toes and four fingers. Frog has neither neck nor tail. It has slippery skin due to the secretions of the glands. It comprises two bulging eyes, two tympanic membranes and two nostrils. Frogs are bundantly found during rainy season. During winter they are buried into the mud and at the return of favourable condition they again resume their normal life; this process is termed as hibernation.

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Oh My Lord Cherish In My Heart
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Internal Structure
1. Digestive System
The break down of complex food into simpler food is called digestion.

The organs taking part in digestion constitute a system called as digestive system. It comprises of buccal cavity, pharynx, esophagus, stomach and intestine.
a) Buccal Cavity
Upper and lower jaws collectively form a cavity (space) known as buccal cavity. It has teeth which are only used to hold the prey from splipping out of the mouth. Frog has sticky and unique type of tongue. The front part of the tongue is attached to the floor of the buccal cavity and free from behind.

b) Pharynx
It is short and narrow tube. It leads to oesophagus.
c) Oesophagus
It is a wide tube which transports food into stomach.
d) Stomach
It is thick walled, muscular and glandular sac. Anterior part of stomach is called cardiac end where as posterior end is called pyloric end. In stomach food is grounded with pepsin enzyme and is changed in to a paste like substance known as chyme.
e) Intestine
Intestine is a long narrow tube. It is divided into small and large intestine. In small food is converted in the form of blood while in large intestine (rectum) undigested food is entered that undigested food is an opening called cloaccal aperture.
f) Liver
It is large reddish brown gland located adjacent to the stomach. Its secretions are known as bile. In between two lobes of liver there is a pouch like structure known as gall bladder.
g) Pancreas
It is a long narrow.

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