On English Language Teaching in China and Cultural Awareness Education

On English language teaching in China and cultural awareness education Abstract: Language is an important tool of communication, but also the important and prominent cultural component parts. The different nationality’s language bother ceives the national social culture, but also reflect constraints of the specific cultural content. English Teaching in China have to strengthen cultural consciousness education, clear the relationship between language and culture, and highlight the differences between Chinese and western culture.

Papers keywords: English teaching, cultural consciousness, coupled phenomenon, the differences between Chinese and western culture Linguists wolff (M, paulson Wolff ) once pointed out, “in the contact with foreigners, the native speakers generally can tolerate speech or grammatical mistakes, instead, to the speech often considered the violation of the rules are not polite, because his own people is unlikely to realize social linguistics relative. ” That is to say, if we go against the national language habits native speakers will offend each other, even causing conflict, causing both emotional unpleasant.

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Such as Da Shan (he is an famous Canadian in China ) using the Beijing dialect in pure fluently and asked a old man “how old are you,” the old man’s reflect the imagined. Because everyone from da shan’s natural and fluent spoken Chinese, will think of he should have mastered “what’s your honourable age? ” which will never be an accident. If a new learner of Chinese, with thick anglicisms asked “how old are you,”, we will be able to understand him. Because we think he even can’t speak Chinese well, probably still not understand Chinese language habits and cultural customs.

Therefore, we should pay attention to the English teaching in China, and the relationship between language and culture. Sensitivity about and adaptability to the differences between Chinese and western culture should be improved. We should also establish cultural awareness and pay attention to pass on cultural knowledge. First, language and culture. Language as the carrier of culture, reflects this culture. Over the years, teaching in English language and culture, this relationship has not been given sufficient attention.

In teaching practice,teachers seem to think that as long as students can listen, speak, read, write,and master pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar rules, they will can understand English and communication in English. However, because the students do not understand the language cultural background, and don’t understand cultural differences in learning English, they suffer frequent ambiguity, misunderstanding of pragmatic failures and frequent public phenomenon in English communication.

For example, “How much money can you earn a month? ” is used to express the concern for others in the foreign, but in China, this question offends others privacy, will arouse each other’s disgust. Chinese are modest, for example, when foreigners praise Chinese for something special, Chinese people usually blush to admit it and they will reply with courtesy,”You overpraised”, which often makes the speaker feel you in doubt of his judgment. Someone would reply“Where”, which makes foreigners puzzling.

American sociologist G, R, Tucker and W, E, Larnbet have such view about foreign language teaching only teaches language not teaches culture, “we believe this Teaching method will make students lose their interest in learning language, so that they do not want to learn the language sign itself, they do not want to understand the national that use this a symbol system, either. On the contrary, to help students improve the sensitivity of cultural when they are learning language, they can use the interest and motivation from their heart to understand other national , which provides learning this nation’s language foundation. ( Tokyo Literature , tenth periodical in 2009 ) Second, the Chinese and Western cultures and cultural differences between the coupling phenomenon Different national cultural might exist certain the same or similar place, this is called the cultural coupling phenomenon. This phenomenon is mainly due to the process of the different nationalities struggle against the nature have the same or similar life experience. This similarity is bound to be reflected in the language. Thus, in English and Chinese, we can find many of the same or similar expression.

For example, Chinese “?????? “, English as “Wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Chinese”???? “, English as “in the same boat”, Chinese “???? “, English as “break earth”. Chinese“????? ”, English as” Think twice before you act”. Chinese “?? ”, English are “blueprint”, and so on. However, different ethnic has different geographical environment and history Environment, thus, they experience different things and have different codes, classification. Different ethnic groups because of different religious beliefs, also led them to believe in the unique, advocating and taboo mentality.

The development of different ethnic groups because of their special historical process also produced a story of its own history of this nation, the legendary anecdotes. Such as, in Chinese “dragon”, “repeated rebirth”, “gossip”, “Yin and Yang,” ” qigong “, and so on. Foreigners who do not understand Chinese culture may be in the clouds, they do not know what does it mean. Similarly, when we see this sentence in English “He is a Wolf “, we may think it means “this person is ferocious. “, actually it means “he is a lech”.

Both Chinese and western cultural differences can also from animal “cultural differences of additional righteousness” glimpse of one spot. The lion of the fierce (brave), sheep meek (gentle), the fox’s cunning (sl y), the tortoise delay (slow), pig of greed (gr eedy),EnglishAnd Chinese culture additional righteousness basically is same. But in mice, mules and owl habit, English and Chinese culture is widely divergent. Additional righteousness In Chinese language has “thief crumbs rat eye”, “short-sighted”, to describe such idiom stealthy and short-sighted.

In mice, in English slang can mean woman, shy man. The more due to Disney, created ckey the rid_ device_ info_ mouse this stunner, Mi, so as to make the Mouse’s image brilliantly, become innumberable families delight animals, especially in children’s mind, but also the symbol of wit and wisdom. As for mule, and in Chinese language, “long life, physical strength big” is its features. And in English, the mule is “stubborn” (st ubborn) pronoun. Chinese people use the owl malaise, such as “the owl symbolize everything into curtilage, to” the owl, and English is the wisdom of the bird.

In addition, the differences between Chinese and western culture, such as acquaintances, still have a lot of greeting people between friends when differences (ChinaMeet people ask you ate no, “where are you going,”, and foreigners says Hello, etc. ), the people to accept the present express their differences (general attitude in the Chinese will not send gift people face see gifts, and foreigners tend to face to face and happily open gifts to somebody else, I give thanks to bother him yes appreciate it, from ly al etc. Three, We should also establish cultural awareness and pay attention to pass on cultural knowledge. In English teaching, the teachers should establish the students cultural awareness, they should teach language knowledge also pass on cultural knowledge at the same time. Synchronous The advantage of this is that the cultural knowledge deepened the student to an understanding of language, the language for endowed with cultural connotation and more easy to understand and master.

Language teaching and culture teaching synchronization can teach pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar language knowledge. If the word, fr ee ze the basic meaning is to “freeze” and “ice”. And in a private gun ownership in American society, an international student for couldn’t understand americans oral Fr eeze! (” stop “, “freeze”) and was shot to death. In American society. Freeze! It is known to daily language. If the student has this cultural knowledge will not pay the cost of life.

Be like again, some English learners often put an politici with Chinese” political Home “delimit equal-sign. In fact, pol I t I c I an this word in English, often have very strong pejorative connotation, cause others contempt, refers to seek private gain only in politics, play, contains” the wrist of sleek “justice, Chinese” politician “should be translated into st at esman, mainly expresses is good at managing countries, people usually wise and the prestigious senior government officials called st. Atesman ??? :«???????????????? »,«?????? »,1995. 1

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