One Big Happy Family Essay

The article I read was about “one big happy family” Written by Anndee Hochman - One Big Happy Family Essay introduction. The story was about young women whose family life seemed to be the ‘American dream, for those of us looking in from outside. However, one day author realized that in order to find happiness within herself she should first learn how to listen her feelings. Summer she, her family and all other relative’s get-together at their beach house. While she was child it was fun for her to spend summer with other relatives, while growing up-she found out, behind her family unity there was only demand for conformity to her family way of life and thinking.

After realizing this truth, that having too many people around her, she was felling emptiness inside. She wants to break that bound of her family conformity, so she can find peace of mind that she was always looking for. In addition, she explained that today’s many families keep maintained their illusion of happiness only by denying fact. (30)The fact is that many families are falling apart, not only because outside source, reason that they have lack of communication skill inside the family.

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One Big Happy Family
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When author reached in adulthood Anndee began to develop her own opinion and thought that did not coincide with her family view. Instead of fell guilty she decided to explore her own sexuality and told truth to her family that she preferred Women Company rather than man. She knew her family will oppose however without holding her emotion and feeling she preferred to tell everything that she was feeling about herself. I defiantly agree that if more families communicate with each other this may be helpful to understand definition of “One Big Happy Family” more better way.

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