Planning Method: One Minute Manager

The One Minute Manager provides a concise and simple method for planning, coaching and evaluating people for organizational and personal success. For many, the book sets forth the principles for productive relationships between a manager and his or her associates. There are three different methods portrayed that will help employers and employees find such a relationship. The first is One Minute Goal Setting. The second is One Minute Praisings. Lastly, the book suggests One Minute Reprimands. With these work ethics in practice, a friendly, more productive work place results for everyone.

One Minute Goal Setting is the foundation and first secret to being a One Minute Manager. The One Minute Manager spends time at the beginning of a new task or when an associate first starts at the organization to detail areas of responsibility and what he or she is being held accountable for.

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The first part of One Minute Goal Setting is being absolutely clear of one’s goals. Once one determines his/her responsibilities, those goals should be written in 250 words or less. These goals are written to the individual can review these goals at any point in time considering that it would only take a few minutes to review those goals. Then one can reflect as to whether or not his/her behavior is adding up to the goals. To know if one is behaving in an efficiently productive manner, one must have an understanding of performance standards.

Feedback is the number one motivator of people. One Minute Praisings develops people by “catching people doing things right” and praising them for their performance. When someone does something that is worthy of praise, that person must be praised immediately. The person must be told in a very clear and specific manner what he/she is doing right. Let the person know how you feel towards them and how well it contributes to the company.

Even pausing for an “uncomfortable silence” gives the praise-worthy person time to reflect on the good deed and actually get a sense of just how worthy he/she is. Then offer encouragement to the person to continue acting in such a praise-worthy manner. A hand shake or other friendly touch is even good to reassure the person just before you leave. People’s incentive to work is really boosted when they realize just how appreciated they are.

One Minute Reprimands are reserved for those people who are perfectly capable of performing their job with their skills. Reprimands work best when people know they are going to be told exactly how they are doing and in no uncertain terms. Like the One Minute Praise, the reprimand should be addresses immediately. Let the person know what he/she did wrong – be specific. Tell that person how you feel about what he/she has sone and in a manner that is very clear. Again, use the “uncomfortable silence” to allow the person to reflect and realize what he/she has done.

Reassure the person of his/her importance with a hand shake or other friendly touch. Remind that person how much he/she is valued. By providing a praising after the reprimand you reinforce the value of the individual. Let them know that you think well them, just not their actions at this point in time. Realize that when the reprimand is over, it’s over. Holding grudges and prolonging reprimand will actually cause destructive criticism.

As we progress through the information age is becomes harder and harder to absorb and remember all of the key learning’s from thought leaders in the business world. The popularity of The One Minute Manager is based on the fact that the information is conveyed in three simple steps. Easy to learn fundamentals for effective interpersonal skills are conveyed in a direct and simple style.

The One Minute Manager’s straightforward presentation is critical in our complex and dynamic global business environment. All things change in a dynamic system. A fundamental, yet effective, formula is required to excel through the system. Organizations realize that they need to prepare managers to be truly people-responsive in today’s organizations. Nothing is more important than making sure that performance of people is well managed and evaluated.

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