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One More Chance: Movie Summary

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Bash and poppy were a happy couple for S years who had not had a good break up for reasons that ever left unsaid. It was Bash who wasn’t so happy in the relationship anymore because she hadn’t had the chance do whatever she really wanted to because Poppy was already a control freak of Bash, she can’t even get to have Poppy’s time because he was too committed to his job that he wasn’t able to attend to Bash’s events and needs anymore.

Even/thing that was happening to Bash didn’t make her happy anymore and was suffocating her already.

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One More Chance: Movie Summary
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Poppy let her go as he had no choice because Bash wanted freedom. Bash was Without second thoughts when she decided to break-up With him nor giving him the chance to fix their relationship anymore. As they were already on their own, Bash was happy because she was already free, and the fact that she already had the space she wanted and needed did not let her bother to mourn and beg Poppy to come back even if she still loved him.

Weeks passed and Bash was hired in a new company by a new friend she met who promoted her to the job.

This man happened to be mistaken as Bash’s boyfriend who made Pop really mad and hurt because it was like Bash broke the so called three month rule. Taut days later, Poppy found a new girlfriend, Tries. Bash knew about it and she kept silent about overtime she felt miserable whenever she sees poppy have a big smile on his face as he was already happy and that she thought that he finally thee away the past, poppy was really happy but not as much as he truly was when he was with Bash.

Poppy never worked out with his new girlfriend even though they loved each other, Tries was willing to give up everything for Poppy and love him everyday but couldn’t handle being hurt knowing that Poppy still loved Basher so she left hire One day, Bash and Poppy talked and they were able to confess about the feelings they still have for each other and that they couldn’t handle seeing each other with someone else. The fact that Bash and Poppy loved each other so much and the happiness they had when they’re together that cannot be compared brought them back together.

And this time, Poppy changed for the better and won’t leave Bash anymore. This movie never fails to make me feel so emotional because can relate to it a lot. Especially to Bash and Tries. I can feel how each of them felt because already have experienced each Of their situations. One more Chance is a movie that never gets old and I think this is the best Filipino Movie ever made so far especially that it was somehow made for the people like me.

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