One Thousand and One Nights and Story Essay

Which story did you read? - One Thousand and One Nights and Story Essay introduction?? The sniper Describe the physical setting of the story. Which words or descriptions contribute to the emotional setting or mood? What is the mood that results from the author’s use of description? It’s in a battlefield in Dublin Ireland. The author uses words like “twilight” “darkness” and “spasmodically” to kind of set the mood as dark but loud and spastic. What is the theme? How do the final lines of the story influence the meaning or theme of the story?

The theme starts out more as action/drama, but in the end when the sniper finds that his brother was the one that was killed it more influences the drama theme in the story. What techniques does the author use to create suspense throughout the story? He uses words and imagery that gives us more of a suspenseful feeling, and the setting also adds to the suspense since he is in the middle of a war zone. At the beginning the author uses the discovery technique telling us that the character has a brother, which is also somewhat foreshadowing because we don’t yet know why his brother is important.

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I see a little reversal at the end because of the fact that in the beginning the attacker was the enemy and in the end it turns out to be his brother. Do you think the techniques you identified in question four were effective? Did they create suspense for you? In your opinion, what technique could be used more effectively? Yes, and I do honestly believe that the story was written well and the techniques used created a suspenseful feel. But the ending could’ve been a tad longer. What techniques does the author use to create a surprise ending? The author uses reversal in the ending to create a sort of surprise.

Were you surprised by the twist? If so, why? If not, what should the author have done to make the ending more surprising and effective? Yes I was, and it’s because the whole time I had no knowing that his brother was even going to be in the story at all. What was your experience in reading this story? Did it evoke fear or physically have an effect on you? Why or why not? It didn’t do anything to me besides make me think “Oh that was a good story”. Usually stories don’t have any effect on what I think or feel, at least for the one’s that I’ve read. ZOMBIE-JOE-BROWN

Silence is all I’ve heard for a while. I was born in this hell, and here I will stay. I haven’t seen anyone like myself for decades, not a living soul but me on this planet. I keep my shotgun strapped on me, as well as my revolver, and boy ain’t she pertty, but don’t get me wrong, she’ll sure as hell take your head off. I’m Dave, a survivor. That sum’-bitch behind me is one-o-dem-der zombies. I got his head hangin’ up because I likes to look at ‘em when I drink my coffee every morning. I remember killing ‘em like it was yesterday, if yesterday were ‘bout 20 years ago.

Me and that bugger had some good times, I remember when we used to– god damnit now I got myself cryin’ again. Lemme’ tell y’all how it happened. Well it was my 9th birthday, and I was sure-as-hell excited for it cause’ I was gettin’ me my first ever huntin’ shotgun! I had went into my Ma’s room to ask her when I could open my presents cause me and all my cousin’s had already finished off the cake. My ma was such a sweetie, she was. Of course she told me I could open my gifts, just after I thank Pa for the cake he bought (which was so mouth juicin’ good leme tell you) .

So I went to the room upstairs to see if my paw was in the bar, and on my way up I heard somthin’ heavy hit the ground! I ran up the steps and saw some ugly lookin’ muh-f***er in my paws bar, layin’ on the floor. The thing got up and ran at me like some damn wild animal, I tell you what! So I went and grabbed the machete off my Pa’s trophy wall right next to me, and sliced that some-bitches head clean off. It happened real darn fast so I hadn’t even seen what this ugly dude even looked like, and when I flipped him over I – I – I’m sorry I just… I can’t say no more cause it just…

makes me – Good Lord… I miss you Bobby Joe Brown, you were the best god-damn-daddy anyone could ever ask for. Discovery- We figure out that the setting is a zombie apocalypse, and the narrators name is Dave. Flashback- We are told a story about the zombie that Dave killed 20 years back. Foreshadowing- The zombie head on Joe’s wall. Reversal- The some-bitch zombie turns out to be Dave’s dear old daddy. Also most of the improper grammar and spelling here is on purpose.

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