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Online Enrollment System – Information Technology

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Top of Form Bottom of Form Browse Download Add Note Link Embed Save for later of 105 Readcast CHAPTER 5 THE PROPOSED SYSTEM5. 1 System OverviewThe proposed enhancement of the existing Enrollment System for Cavite MaritimeInstitute is going to be an Online Enrollment System. The proposed system will decrease the number of manpower, space, and time neededfor enrollment. The system will not only give the school the benefit of being ableto cut down the money and time spent for the enrollment, but also the ability tobe available globally via the internet.

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Online Enrollment System – Information Technology
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The web application enables a certainbusiness to extend its reach in the global market with a reasonable cost. It alsoincludes the online processing of transactions needed for the business. The proposed system enables the students to have an access to the enrollmentsystem in their own homes or wherever the internet is available. The proposed system facilitates in keeping track of the records, transactions, andother activities of the students regarding the enrollment.

The system generatedreports needed by the faculty and the students—like the Official Receipt,Certificate of Registration, and the Student Master List.

The Student Information Sheet, Registration Form, Advising Slip, and AssessmentSlip are going to be available online where it could be submitted in the samemanner. The payment of the fees due to the student could be paid online or cash. Once the transactions are validated and completed, the student will be given theRegistration also printable via the internet but should be sealed by the Registrarto be considered valid, personal copy of he Official Receipt, and ID. Theinstructors or faculty members would also be given the copy of the Class List forthe class or subjects that an instructor is going to handle. 5. 2 System Objectives5. 2. 1To speed up monitoring of student records and transaction. Improve the filemanagement of Registrar’s Office for the easy retrieval of the student records. 5. 2. 25. 2. 3Improved enrollment procedures that will decrease working time. 5. 2. 4Decreased data redundancy. 5. 3 Scope5. 3. Online enrollment system will have a database that contains the student’s personaldata and other information needed for enrollment. 5. 3. 2The system will also have a database that contains the amount of tuition fee persemester, the breakdown of assessment, payment basis if fully paid andinstallment. 5. 3. 3Log in name and password is provided as security of the system so that only theauthorized personnel can access the system. 5. 3. 4The system will provide reports such as class list and dropped students. 5. 3. List of statistic for every school year and statistic of students in every sectionand year level. 5. 3. 6Automation of the computation of tuition fee, discount for varsity and balanceswith its due date. 5. 3. 7Can print the registration form that contains the student information and theircorresponding tuition fees. 5. 3. 8The system will monitor the allowable number of students in a section (35). 5. 3. 9File maintenance if the registrars want to add another section in a level andanother course. 5. 3. 10 The systems update the tuition fee change in computation. 5. System JustificationThere is a need for an online system because as an educational establishment, thepeople who are inclined to the nautical, maritime, or seafaring field need to knowwhich can provide the services needed and which is closer to where the studentslive since these are one of the things that a student might want to consider whenit comes to the selection of a university or college that would suit the studentsneeds. The online enrolment system compensates the flaws of the manual enrolment and thelack of manpower. The system would also boost the competency of CMI by beingavailable worldwide through the Internet.

The online enrolment system will help organize the flow of the enrollment systemand become more accurate and solve the problem of data redundancy in the studentrecords. The study will ease the work and functions of the management and thestudents. CHAPTER 6 DESIGN OF THE PROPOSED SYSTEM6. 1 InputName of Document Prepared by Number of Copies Frequency of Distribution PurposePre-Registration Form Student 1 As Needed To provide information regarding theschedule, subjects taken, payment scheme, and initial assessment of fees. Recipient Registrar6. 2 Processes6. . 1 Generating Advising SlipBEGIN Get Status from Student IF Student is New Student THEN Get availablesubjects from Subject Schedule ELSE IF Student is Old Student THEN Check grade IFSubject Prerequisite is passed THEN Student can enroll subject ELSE Student cannotenroll the subject END IF Online Enrollment System for Cavite Maritime Institute DasmariNas, Cavite A Download or Print Add To Collection 32. 4K READS 146 READCASTS 31 EMBED VIEWS Published by jaz_07778024 Follow ————————————————- Top of Form Search Bottom of Form

TIP Press Ctrl-F to search anywhere in the document. Info and Rating Category:| Uncategorized. | Rating:| | Upload Date:| 10/05/2009| Copyright:| Attribution Non-commercial| Tags:| This document has no tags. | Free download as PDF File (. pdf), Text File (. txt) or read online for free. Flag document for inapproriate content Download and print this document Choose a format to download in ————————————————- Top of Form * .PDF * .TXT Bottom of Form Download Recommended 1 p. Enrolment System (Thesis) api_user_11797_WaterProof 106685 Reads 66 p.

Study and Design of Computerized Enrollment System – Documentation Lexter Ilagan 61934 Reads 6 p. Title: Enrollment System Jhoy_Magno_672 21583 Reads 105 p. 17276104 Online Enrolment System of CMI(2) adzhabertanajil 14526 Reads Next Notes Post Note Panie Nidz U3 years ago Reply san po ung mga diagram nyo?.. Tho Fajardo Pertez9 months ago Reply http://tankionline. com#friend=6851acbe2 Tho Fajardo Pertez9 months ago Reply http://tankionline. com#friend=6851acbe2 Norma Mangudang Song-aga year ago Reply sam po ung mga flowcharts nu..? i’m looking 4 sample po kc.. Norma Mangudang Song-aga year ago

Reply sam po ung mga flowcharts nu..? i’m looking 4 sample po kc.. Megulane Moreno3 years ago Reply where is the DFDs? Megulane Moreno3 years ago Reply where is the DFDs? Panie Nidz U3 years ago Reply san po ung mga diagram nyo?.. Panie Nidz U3 years ago Reply san po ung mga diagram nyo?.. About * About Scribd * Blog * Join our team! * Contact Us Premium * Premium Reader * Scribd Store Advertise with us * Get started * AdChoices Support * Help * FAQ * Press Partners * Developers / API Legal * Terms * Privacy * Copyright © Copyright 2013 Scribd Inc. Language: English

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