Online Game and Effect on Educational Tool

1. Online gaming and effect on education and social ability

The development of computer technology has led to not only beneficial software also huge profitable online game markets. As all things have two sides, even this technology brings many advantages, online gaming also brings drawbacks. Excessive online gaming can cause serious side effects, but online gaming contributes to in the field of education and social skill. More specifically, it can effect on medical science technical schooling, military exercising, schooling and team work training. Online gaming and effect on education and social ability

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1.1 Medical skills education.

One effect of online gaming is on medical fields. Nowadays, diverse simulation programs of training for medical operation have already applied in many medical science fields (Verdaasdonk , Dankelman, Schijven, Lange, Wentink and Stassen, 2009). According to Verdaasdonk et al. (2009), medical students adopted this simulation programs to encourage deliberate practice and resist motivational obstacles in the simulator training. In order to deliberate operation, their purpose was to evaluate online gaming effect on online gaming competition between surgical residents on a laparoscopic virtual reality simulator (Verdaasdonk et al, 2009). As a result, the student’s final score was compared with the number of attempt of online simulation programs; a higher score was related with a high number of using simulator. (ibid)

1.2 Learning and training tool in education

Another effective way is educational learning and training. Even if the number of online gaming which used for training and learning goal are not huge amount, (de Ferias & Griffiths, 2007) clearly it can be used for educational purpose (O’Connor & Menaker, 2008). According to de Freitas and Griffiths (2007), students and teachers who using multiplayer online game, they could get new techniques in schooling collaboratively online and develop new ICT (information & communication technology) and reinforced reaching skills. Particularly students applied online gaming help to develop awareness of multiple dimensions (91%), team building skill (80%) and their electronic communication skills (71%) (ibid). As a result, the test showed that people who got high score in the school test was related with a high number of simulation practices (Verdaasdonk et al, 2009).

1.3 Team training

In addition to medical field and learning tool, team training is another positive aspect of online gaming. A report from Stein(as cited in O’Connor & S.Menaker, 2006) claim that online gaming can be good opportunity to get social skill like team training. Firstly, using online gaming such as Strike-com which multiplayer online strategy game in the army is useful to advance group interaction, dynamic and processes(Twithchell, Wiers, Adkins, Burgoon & Nunamaker, 2005 as cited in O’Connor & S.Menaker). Secondly, it can support people to get motivation which is good opportunity to significant attention to focus on training and retention (Ricci, 1996 as cited in O’Connor & S.Menaker). Lastly, MMORPG provide a better chance to training leadership and practice in a circumstance that has loyalty and authenticity (Adams, 2005 as cited in O’Connor & S.Menaker). The reason why online gaming is useful for team training and team work is that online game includes some characters. For example, problem solving, representation, goals, environment, building strategies (Steinkuehler, 2006 as cited in O’Connor & S.Menaker). Such online game characteristics allow people to build team training more effectively.

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