Oral Communication in English Language - Communication Essay Example

According to Wikipedia’s report that English language is widely learned as a second language and used as an official language of the European Union and many Commonwealth countries, as well as in many world organizations - Oral Communication in English Language introduction. It is also the third most natively spoken language in the world. A survey was done by Ethnologue. com (2000), that English language has a total population of all countries 341,000,000 first language speakers, 508,000,000 including second language speakers.

In Malaysia, English language has been spoken for many centuries and it is the second language for all Malaysian. The use of English language has been able to bridge the communication gap with people from other parts of the world thus attracting them to trade and visits Malaysia. With Malaysian able to converse in English will definitely give confidence to foreign investors to do their international business partnership over here.


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Besides that, foreign tourists will also be at ease when they travel around the countries and knowing that Malaysian is able to speak English if and when they required assistance. According to David Prakash Kumar(2009), beside trade and tourism, education has also increased the role of English language. For instance, students who come to Malaysia to study can only use English as their medium of study and not their local language. This will again shows the importance of English language.

English language will certainly improve Malaysians in terms of business, tourism and education sectors. With more businesses, tourists or students coming to Malaysia this will surely create more business and job opportunities in the country. This will help to increase our economic growth and also our living standard. The reason for this growth is due to Malaysian able to converse orally to foreigner investors, tourists or students while they are in Malaysia. This will give confidence and assurance to them while they are seeking opportunities in Malaysia.

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