Order REH: Two-Gun Raconteur #16 Essay - Part 16

After a five month delay due to my accident, issue number 16 of The Definitive Robert E - Order REH: Two-Gun Raconteur #16 Essay introduction. Howard Journal is now ready and available to order. As most folks know, the new issue always appears at Howard Days each June, but that was not possible this year due to my injury.

However, I believe you will find it was well worth the wait as the issue is chock full of rare Howard fiction, a little poetry, articles and essays by the top Howard scholars and some fantastic artwork by a who’s who of artistic Howard fans. In addition to Howard, contributors include: Barbara Barrett; David Burton; Bill Cavalier; Bob Covington; Stephen Fabian; Nathan Furman; David A. Hardy; Clayton Hinkle; Morgan Holmes; David Houston; Brian Leno; Patrice Louinet; Jim Ordolis; Richard Pace; Michael L. Peters; Terry Pavlet; Rob Roehm; Jeffrey Shanks and Joe Wehrle.

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