Organ Donation Essay - Part 3

Summary of I’m donating my kidney to a stranger The text is written by Richard Wilson and was published in 2008 - Organ Donation Essay introduction. I’m donating my kidney to a stranger is about the determined woman, Paula MacKinnon, who is the altruistic organ donor in Scotland. At first Paula decided to donate her 68-year old mother, Kathrine, who suffered kidney failure. But Paula wasn’t able to donate her kidney to her mother, because their blood groups were not compatible. But Paula would not stop the donation there, she decided to donate one of her kidneys to one who really need it, one she don’t even know.

This type of anonymous donation, hadn’t been possible before the introduction of the Human Tissue Authority, that made it possible for people to donate a kidney to a stranger. Paula thinks it will become more normal in society, when people starts realize the importance of organ donation. As she says, it’s a simple thing to do, but it can make a huge different in people’s lives. 160 words. Outline of the various attitudes to organ donation in texts 1,2 and 3 Text 1 We must change the organ donation system In this text are told about the current donation system in UK and it’s problems about it.

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Right now people have to sign up voluntarely to donate something, but the chief medical officer in England, Sir Liam Donaldson, is concvinced that it will be changed soon, and want to change it. Denis Campbell thinks that the system there are used in many European countries with presumed permission should be adopted to UK. Presumed permission means that if a citizen has not refused to donate his organs, but neither given the permission, the organs can be used. That way much less people will die, because they can´t get a donor. Text 2 The Ethics of Organ Donation by Living Donors This text relies on the aspect of living organ donors.

Robert D. Truog present us to three kinds of donation. 1) Directed donations to relatives as family or people 2) Directed donations to a person you’re not personally connected to 3) Nondirected donations to a waiting list, where you don’t know who you’ll be donating to Text 3 I’m donating my kidney to a stranger In this text we are presented to Paula Mackinnon’s opinon and experience about organ donation. She will donate one of her kidney’s to a stranger, because she know how big a difference it could be to another humans life. Paula wants organ donation to be a more popular and normal thing to do in UK.

Ca. 248 words. Register as an organ donor today rather than tomorrow What if you knew you could save another human beings life, would you then do it? The easiest way to save a life, is to sign up to an organ donor, right now! Then you can lean back the rest of your life, knowing that you possible have done what you could, to save a life. One of the thousands that could use your organ, would be happier than ever, with the thought of someone they don’t know, have saved their life. If one of your organs fail, wouldn´t you want a new one? I think we all would, and therefore we need everybody to register.

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