Organizational Communication Strategies and Diversity Essay

Organizational Communication Strategies and Diversity

            The effectiveness of communication particularly in a diversified organizational setting is manifested according to the response of both the management and its employees - Organizational Communication Strategies and Diversity Essay introduction. This is where communication strategies play a significant function because they determine the implication of diversity in an institution. The nature and attributes of communication techniques spell the difference whether diversity will be regarded as beneficial of harmful to an organization and its people. It is, nonetheless, considered that communication is indeed an essential component when a company exemplifies a mixture in its personnel.

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Organizational Communication Strategies and Diversity
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While diversity in workplace is already an established issue in a corporate world, its advantage or harm depends on the communication approaches which are being used. Hence, the relationship that exists between communication strategies and workplace diversity is recognized in a manner that both the management and employees respond well to the issues. Additionally, how the organization and its people perceive the relevance of the topics definitely rely on a situation wherein effective communication strategies are functioning well even in a diverse organization.

A multinational business organization like the World Bank is a concrete example where the said issues are depicted and proven. This is because the World Bank, as an organization itself, is a one whole venue of diversified cultures. This condition holds true with the varying standards, policies, functions and systems which exist within the organization. These are aside from the fact that it is evident that World Bank employees came from different nations thereby all of them manifest varying attributes as far as their gender, educational and professional background as well as civilizations and practices.

World Bank is composed of employees coming from its 185 member countries or shareholders around the world. The general idea about communication strategies and diversity within a spectrum of managers, supervisors and subordinates practically comes from assorted workforce of over 10,000 personnel coming from its member countries. Also, with varying fields of expertise, the organization’s economists, educators, environmental scientists, financial analysts and managers as well as other employees of other departments deal with communication strategies and diversity by positively responding to such issues. In doing so, the World Bank provides its personal with formal information about the said issues through formal means such as trainings or seminars, studies and sponsorship, all of which are aimed at enhancing the employees’ reaction, views and eventually understanding of the two concerns. Informally, the World Bank reacts to the issues of communication strategies and diversity by manifesting sound policies relating to the said topics as well as equal treatment among people regardless of their different aspects (“The World Bank,” 2008).

In a dialogue, with an employee each coming from the management, supervisory and assistant-level divisions, it was further revealed that the World Bank employees view communication approaches and workplace diversity in a flexible way. This means that the employees do no regard such concerns as hindrances but rather as motivating factors for them to continue with their job in an appropriate manner. In effect, this spectrum of World Bank personnel effectively performs their respective functions thereby to their development and benefit of the organization in general.

The effectiveness and connection between communication strategies and its connection with diversity works best to the advantage of both the organization and employees. This is proven by the way how the organization implements its communication enhancement plan through its various communication programs as well as how its staff regards diversity in a way that it promotes and not hinders variety within the institution and its personnel. The World Bank is fully committed at providing financial and technical assistance to its members hence it is worthy to note that it has also succeeded in promoting communication strategies and protecting the existence of diversity in the organization.


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