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Organizational Development/Tucker Knox Company

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Organizational Change American Intercontinental University Online MGT420 Instructor Rachelle Disbennett-Lee Presented in part By JoAnn. Barnes9 August 22, 2010 Running head: The Tucker Knox Corporation is in need of an Organizational Development Practitioner The Tucker Knox Corporation (TKC) is in need of an Organizational Development Practitioner to analyze and come up with a solution to help the growth and development of their company.

The problems is mainly with top managers, therefore the approach that will be used is the ideal strategic model because it “provides an organization with the knowledge and skills to move from a reactionary approach to one of systematic development” (Brown, D.

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Organizational Development/Tucker Knox Company
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OD pp 385, 2011) A case analysis will be conducted to learn the problems and causes, and rendering our recommendation for solutions. Case analysis report. 1. Problems A. Macro: (1) The engineering department needs to be automated, (2) need to set goals by going global for competitiveness.

B. Micro: (1) Jack Donaldson’s attempts to control or influence the others in devious ways, (2) the removal of Leonard by Jack Donaldson, and he left the company.

2. Cause: Jack Donaldson is the cause of all of the trouble because he did not promote Leonard, (2) Donaldson did not have enough contact with Howard, therefore his design team was broken up, (3) Jack Donaldson chose the wrong person to work in place of Larry Henderson, (4) Jack Donaldson had a severe complex problem that his power would be taken away. . System affected: (1) The entire structure of the company because the men that were hired did not possess the knowledge and skills that was needed, (2) Human Resource is doing insignificant jobs and Leonard left the company which would be psychosocial, (3) Technical system was affected because they outsourced, (4) Managerial affected because they outsourced managers affecting the leadership an caused a resisting in authority, (5) goals that were set in all areas will not be achieved. . Alternatives: (1) promote Howard to CEO, and fire Jack Donaldson, (2) Hire a new CEO from the outside and demote Donaldson, (3) if need be, remove Leonard who is vulnerable and replace him 5. Recommendations: (1) Larry should do a mental examination of his past strategies, (2) Let Donaldson go and replace him with Howard or Leonard if he stays on, (3) The company should be as far away from Donaldson as possible because he is the main source of most of their problems.

When Howard or Leonard become CEO, they should look “for new methods for successfully adapting to a world of change and examine the ways in which the organization itself can remain open. ” (www. multimediacoursetext. aspx) Donaldson is committed to his own agenda and not the success of the organization per-say. He did not demonstrate Total Quality Management which is a commitment and improvement of the organization. In conclusion, outsourcing will help the company reach their goals globally.

With Jack Donaldson as CEO, could not do the job efficiently because he brings along with his thirst for power, baggage that consist of personality problems. By him having such a severe complex that other people were more powerful than he was, led him into hiring his own people which was his downfall. The Tucker Knox Corporation will be successful if they follow the recommendations afore mentioned. References: (2011). An Experiential Approach to Organization Development, 8th ed. , Brown, D. , Upper Saddle, New Jersey. https://mycampus. aiu-online. com/classroom/multimediacoursetext. aspx? uid=151658&cla..

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