Organizational Impact Essay - Part 2

Organizational Impact

Ford is categorized in both the manufacturing industry and the service industry - Organizational Impact Essay introduction. Ford manufactures cars and trucks of various makes and models. The company also offers financing services and maintenance services. Helping consumers lease a vehicle and maintain a vehicle have allowed Ford to grow past just manufacturing automobiles. Certain times a year Ford offers a sign and drive event that allows qualifying consumers to drive off the lot in a current year model ford for no money down. Required to provide nothing up front would be appealing at any time but especially when the American economy has struggled so much in recent years. This event allows consumers to drive a new vehicle and for Ford to make money as well. This idea is innovative because not only are they one of few who offer a deal like that. However, they also allow new ways for the company to make money and continue to be prosperous. Ford’s manufacturing department is striving to be creative and innovative with the new F150 design.

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The new truck will have a gas prep engine that allows for three different types of fuel: compressed natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and gasoline (“Ford F-150 To Offer Ability To Run On Compressed Natural Gas And Liquefied Petroleum Gas”, 2012). This new technology allows business consumers and private consumers to choose a more inexpensive fueling option and save money. Other vehicles in the Ford fleet that have been adapted to a new fueling technology include the Fusion, C-MAX, and an all-electric Focus. This new design of vehicles expands the Ford client base to those consumers that are environmentally conscious. Eco-friendly is the road the auto industry is taking in answer to the eco-friendly public they market too. Whether it services or manufacturing every industry has to be aware of its customer base. Being able to meet the needs of the consumer effectively gives companies the advantage and allows those companies to continue to be successful in the future. Innovation, creativity, and design are they ways to bring a company into the future and keep it there.

Ford F-150 to Offer Ability to Run on Compressed Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas. (2012). Retrieved from von Stamm, B. (2008). Managing Innovation, Design and Creativity (2nd ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

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