Organizational Profile Essay - Part 2

The organizational profile that I have chosen to write about is the American Poolplayers Association - Organizational Profile Essay introduction. This organization is the largest amateur billiard organization in the world. The organization provides the league operators the independence to be their own boss. The organizations social responsibility is to provide it members the benefit of playing pool while having fun. The association is a very successful business that has more than 275,000 members worldwide. They are known for the national tournaments that they have every year.

They have the singles tournaments in the spring and the team nationals in the fall. They are in the Guiness Book of World Records for having the largest amateur pool tournament each year. APA does have a social initiative that consists of programs that are worldwide. They have huge local and state tournaments each year. They even have a tournament for the youth players that love the game. The organization has its own professional sponsors that talk up the APA. The organization does tournaments to help people in need.

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They do fundraisers for people that are in the organization. The organization makes its member’s dreams come true every year. They provide its members the chance to have the pride of calling themselves national champions. They also provide its members with a huge purse pool for winning the tournament. Its members talk about the tournaments all year long. People of the organization compete year round to be called one of the elite teams that can call themselves national champions.

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