The Organizational Structure Is a Frame Work

An organizational structure can be compared to that of a building. Be it an organization or an ordinary building, flaws in the structure can lead to its downfall. Organizational structure and culture is vital in facilitating managers and leaders accomplish set objectives. With the growth spurt of technology, today’s business environment is prone to constant changes and a firm structure is required to combat these changes and provide a successful, empowering environment to the leaders and the employees(Hax & Majluf, 2001).

Hax & Majluf have identified some inadequacies in these organizational structures which are

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  • Inadequate support for manager development.
  • Absence of strategic planning,
  • Imbalance between structure and process,
  • Lack of definition and neglect,
  • Lack of coordination among divisions,
  • Enormous amounts of duplication,
  • Excessive dispersion of functions
  • Poor performance and low returns (Hax & Majluf, 2001).

Out of the above symptoms I would like to discuss lack of coordination among divisions and excessive duplication. Lack of coordination among divisions causes a decline in production, process complication and delay in completing specific tasks (Bass, n. d. ). To aid in the smooth running of an organization divisions have to cooperate with each other and share ideas and work as a team for a common goal. It is similar to the human body where all the body parts work together to perform normal functions. By controlling and properly managing work in progress, the organization can work to prevent delays and resulting coordination problems” (Bass, n. d. , para. 2).

To ensure that all divisions are working as a team the managers must monitor work and assist employees in areas where help is needed. Departmental shared drives have to be made available to all necessary members so they can share information that is in line with the departmental requirements without any confusion.

Frequent meetings have to be held by managers and the results have to be evaluated periodically. Excessive redundancy is another sign of inadequate organizational structure. By neglecting this kind of repetitive work, organizations spend double the time, resources, and manpower to produce the same work twice which is a waste of time and capital. In doing this the organization or the business loses money that could have been used in something else. With the impact of global economic crisis, such repetitions have to be avoided.

To avoid this duplication of work, managers and supervisors have to appoint people to educate, monitor and record the work that is done in the organization. All employees have to have clear idea of the goals and mission and the type of work they are doing. Daily weekly and monthly progress has to be assessed. Employees have to be trained to complete work on time with the available resources and update the managers on the work to avoid duplication. The management team plays an important role in the smooth running of an organization.

Whether in a functional or in a divisional working environment use of excellent critical thinking and using SMART goals and use of emotional intelligence will greatly improve the workplace.


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