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Oscar Grant

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G rants family filed a rongful death claim went to trial. A movie was released about this incident c alled fruitvale station. While watching the movie I felt a connection with him. I live in San Francisco, s o I have been to marches and speeches regarding this event, but I have never seen th e movie. Before seeing the movie I thought it was another way for “the man” to make money o ff of oscar grant and it would only be about how he was a “bad” person.

instead of my absorpti ons the movie was heart breaking and truly moving. I didnt expect to be so emotionally stirred b y the movie. he cenes that really hit me hard were the one where his mother visited him in p rison and left feeling disappointed in him. I have felt the sting of disappointing my mother a nd for the first time realized he was a real person and not just the face ofa movement.

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Oscar Grant
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living in San Francisco when everything happened he seemed like just a name but after seeing the m Ovie I felt like he was my friend. A scene that really hit me hard was unsurprisingly, the police brutally. While watching the only thing I could think of was “holy poop what are they doing” I felt like it was happening ight in front of my eyes and i had no idea what to do, or say.

When the police man shot Mr. Grant in the movie, nothing on this earth were able to stop the hot drops of tears flow from my eyes. It wasn’t till the end of the movie that I was remind on how little jail time Joha nnes Mehserle was sentenced to. I began to feel outraged and hurt, even though th e trail was long over. I now understood why people rioted so much and so hard. I dont really understand how Mehserle got away with so little jail time and how this continues to happen, lik e with trayvon martin.

After the movie there was a discussion that I was unable to attend, but instea d I tried to talk about the movie with my roommates. To my surprise they have not seen the movie, and seemed to have some prejudice. When we discussed the incident of Oscar Gr ant they all sided with that the police office was not at fault. I could not believe what i was heari ng. They all agreed that Oscar was acting out and the office was defending himself and ac cidentally pulled his gun. I tried to give them the fact on what really happened and yet they ma de excuses and would not listen to what i had to say.

I know there are many people on Oscar Grant’s side and until then that was the only side knew. It was interesting and saddened to he ar the other side of the tale. what I have learned from the movie and the event itself is that the legal syste m works in mysterious ways and is very confusing. To my understanding the judge gave t he jury three options of sentencing for Mehserle, that is something that I have never heard of happen ing before, also that Mehserle didnt even do all the time that was sentience to hi m. Because of this I wish to learn more about the law and its bies views on punishment.

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