Our Friends, Cats and Dogs Essay

It is very well-known that pets are the best friends of the human - Our Friends, Cats and Dogs Essay introduction. They are irreplaceable helpers and wonderful companions, who can save anyone from loneliness and depressions. They are always opened, loving, warm and natural. They give endless affection to their owners, but, of course, they require much of love and attention in response. So, the most important role of pets is to be the ones who need care. People, who adopted pets, feel always wanted and responsible for their little friends. That’s why such people are more optimistic, psychologically balanced and healthier.

            The most popular and loved pets around the world are cats and dogs. They do not require separated room, special care or expensive food, but they always bring lots and lots of pleasure to their owners. They like playing with children and make our life colorful. Besides, they are very important assistants of people in many situations. But, of course, cats and dogs are very different in their activity and abilities to help humans. How on earth? We’ll find out!

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            For centuries dogs remain the main helpers of humans in their principal daily activity: hunting, grazing cattle, housekeeping, etc. In contrast to cats, dogs can be trained to do many hard and important tasks. For example, a trained dog can act a good guide for a child or a blind man. Or, a trained dog can easily find the way back home for its owners, if they are lost in the forest, etc.

            The main advantage of dogs as the first assistants of humans in cases of emergency is their sense of smell. That is why trained dogs are widely engaged now for saving people under ruins of a house after collapse or fire, or in case of some huge motor or railway accidents. Dogs can smell and find alive people in very deep locations under the ruins.

Also, trained dogs are exceptional helpers for police and criminal investigators. They can follow the scent of a criminal and set the police after him. Or, perfect sense of smell of the dogs can be used when searching for narcotic or explosive materials. Specially trained dogs are very handy for some military activities. For example, dogs are very successful in helping soldiers when neutralizing mine fields, etc.

            Dogs are irreplaceable protectors for humans. There are millions of incidents, when dogs managed to alarm people about robberies, break-ins or fires. There are no better helpers for shepherds than dogs: they can scare wild animals, or at least warn the shepherd about possible danger. Dogs can scare kidnappers, and many mothers even leave their babies under supervision of big dogs for some short time (for example, when doing shopping, etc).

            Cats are absolutely different! They are much more independent and stubborn, than dogs, so can not be easily trained. That is why cats do not have so much of practical functionality even in housekeeping, except of their “trade-mark” ability: saving house from mice. For small country-houses it is, actually, very important skill of cats, because mice and rats usually bring a lot of damage to food stocks, constructions, or even means of transportation. That is why cats are always heartily welcomed and well-cared in such localities.

            But mostly cats bring esthetical satisfaction for their owners. Some people find cats much more attractive and charming, than dogs. Usually cats have rather quiet disposition, so they seem to be less scary and, maybe, safer for little children, than dogs. Cats provide people with comfort and warmth at any time, and they are perfect companions for old or disabled people. Some cats are calm and lazy, some are playful and talkative, but all of these beautiful creatures easily earn endless love and affection of their caregivers.

            There is one more unique effect, which was recently discovered by specialists. Cats are supposed to be very therapeutic and healing animals, which can positively influence on health of people. They bring calming effect, evoke positive thoughts, or normalize blood pressure and improve mental condition. That is why nowadays many special “pet-therapy programs” were opened in American hospitals, which widely engage therapeutic abilities of cats and other pets. And the results of such treatment are absolutely impressive!

Generally, it is supposed that cats can remove negative energy from human aura, and dogs, alternatively, can generate and bring positive energy to people. From this statement it may appear that it would be perfect to have both a cat and a dog in the house! But I do not think that many of us would practically agree to stand on everlasting confrontations and opposition between these two irreplaceable, but very different pets!


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