Our School Exhibition

Our school held a very interesting exhibition of students’ art and craft work last year - Our School Exhibition introduction. Itwas surprising to see the various pieces of handwork of such high standards. Theseexhibits were attractive and colourful for they had been prepared and designed well bythe students with guidance from the Art teachers. The students were obviouslyenthusiastic about their work; for each item was rendered carefully and lovingly withoutthe slightest trace of sloppiness .There were many sections to interest parents and friends who came to see the work of their children.

The painting of nature, Malaysian scenes, flowers and fruits was of anexceptionally high standard. Other items such as puppets, dolls and articles of embroidery were admired, too. In the geography section, there were clay models of physical features like hills, mountains and plateaus set in a natural environment of greenlandscape with rivers meandering through the land. Some articles like flowers made from silk were for sale and ladies readily bought theseitems.

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Our school exhibition was appreciated by all. Cameron Highlands – a Malaysian Hill Resort After living in the busy city of Kuala Lumpur with its noise and bustling traffic, it is a pleasure to go up to Cameron Highlands, a cool mountain resort, for relaxation. Enroute you will enjoy the scenic countryside as you drive up hilly roads amidst jungletrees, waterfalls and small villages. Then, you feast your eyes each time you pass a flower nursery or a vegetable farm.

The cool, crisp air at Tanah Rata makes you feel invigorated. At the same time, you are able to admire the quaint -looking English-style cottages alongthe way. Roses creeping up and clinging to the walls of the cottages remind you of England and the scenery is enchanting if you happen to be a nature-lover. Usually, avisitor gets quite hungry as he goes up the highlands and he is able to enjoy the piping hotmeals served in the restaurants. As the sun goes down, temperature drops and it becomes quite chilly.

You can then sit bythe fireside with your favourite story book and laze around in a sweater or a jacket as it isquite a contrast to the warm and sunny weather on the plains in your hometown. A visit to the famous Boh Tea plantation is interesting and worthwhile for have you ever wondered how you get you cup of tea? It comes mainly from the tea plantations onCameron Highlands. Jungle walks are also a good way of spending your time while youare there. Cameron is indeed an ideal holiday resort.

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