Our Solar System Essay

The Evolution of our Solar System

Observations of the stars, sun, and planets appearing to revolve around the Earth, which seem to be at motionless, lead ancient astronomers to believe the Earth was the center of the solar system.

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Our Solar System
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• Claudis Ptolemy’s version of the Geocentric Model was the most widely accepted and recognized example of the Geocentric Model.

Nicolaus Copernicus published a book on his theory of a heliocentric system, the book, De revolutionibus orbium coelstium, puts the Sun at the center of the Solar System with planets revolving around it - Our Solar System Essay introduction. It also pointed out that the Earth was in motion and that motion could explain the Retrograde motion of the planets.

The invention of the telescope has aided in the discovery of planets and moons that are further out in space.
• Improvements to the telescope provide means to understand the geological and meteorological structure and motions of other planets.

The Geocentric Model – The Earth at the center

• In the 2nd century, Ptolemy used the research of earlier Greek scientists to create his model of a geocentric Solar System.
• The Earth is the center and the planets, moon and sun revolving around it.

• The Ptolemaic Model was the most well-known and widely accepted way of explaining planetary movement and the solar system structure for thousands of years.

Courtesy Rare Book Division, Library of Congress.
Ptolemaic orbits, from “Harmonia Macrocosmica” by Andreas Cellarius, 1661

The Heliocentric Model – The Sun takes center stage

In the 16th century, Nicolaus Copernicus developed his version of the heliocentric model

The Sun has replaced Earth as the center of the universe and all of the planets including Earth revolve around the Sun. •

It was during the 17th Century that the Heliocentric reached full acceptance.

Johannes Kepler and Galileo Galilei became the driving forces behind the acceptance of the Copernican’s work.

The solar system according to Copernicus in the Harmonia Macrocosmica by Cellarius (1660)

The Telescope – Bringing Space down to Earth

Galileo created a telescope that could modify an object 20 times. It allowed him to verify the phases of Venus along with other discoveries. These discoveries became proof that the Copernican System was correct.

Galileo and his Telescope

Pluto Demoted

On August 24th, 2006 the
International Astronomical Union
(IAU) took a vote and demoted
Pluto from the status of Planet to
Dwarf Planet.

Artwork by, Mathias Pedersen

What led to the demotion of Pluto?
• On October 21,2003 Mike Brown from
Caltech, Chad Trujillo from the Gemini
Observatory and David Rabinowitz from
Yale University discovered an object
orbiting the sun that was larger than
• The discovery of Eris caused the IAU to
create a committee to define what
constitutes a planet.
• On August 24, 2006 on the closing day
of the 2006 IAU General Assembly in
Prague, Resolution B5 was voted on
and accepted which defined what
constitutes a planet in the Solar System.


The impact of Pluto’s demotion
• The financial impact of Pluto’s demotion has affected

everything from re-writing teaching text to selling tshirts supporting both sides of the demotion debate. • While some agree with the demotion of Pluto and

accept the change to an 8 planet solar system,
others do not accept it causing debates among
everyone from Astronomers to students.

Financial Impact
Everything from mugs to t-shirts centering
around Pluto’s demotion are being sold
world wide.

The World Book Encyclopedia postponed
the printing of their 2007 edition until the
decision of Pluto’s fate as a planet was



The Great Debate
Clyde Tombaugh of
New Mexico
discovered Pluto in
1930. On September
1st 2006, weeks after
the demotion of Pluto,
Tombaugh’s widow
and son along with
many other Pluto
supporters gathered
at TMSU in protest
the decision to
demote Pluto.

NMSU/Darren Phillips


What Is The Geocentric Model Of The Universe?

What Is The Heliocentric Model Of The Universe?

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