Out of this World Tales from Two-Gun Bob Essay

Word comes from Rob that Adventures in Science Fantasy has arrived in Cross Plains and the Project Pride folks will begin shipping the pre-orders any day now - Out of this World Tales from Two-Gun Bob Essay introduction. This volume collects all of Howard’s science fiction stories including his most well know sci-fi yarn, Almuric. Of course Howard places his mark on this genre by knocking the central theme of sci-fi that science is the solution on it keister as author Mark Stackpole notes in his introduction.

Howard’s stories do not adhere to one definition of science fiction, which holds that science must be part of the solution of any problem. In fact, in most of these stories, the application of science is the genesis of the problem, and man’s heroic spirit is the solution.

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Out of this World Tales from Two-Gun Bob
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In addition to Almuric, another story of note in this volume is “The People of the Black Coast.” Last July Brian wrote a two part piece on this tale of giant intelligent crabs menacing the protagonist and his female companion on a deserted South Pacific island. Needless to say, this is one yarn the faint hearted should avoid. It is amazing how Howard could take relatively mundane creatures (spider, worm, snake, etc.) and turn them into giant, terrifying monsters.

The most interesting thing about these stories is while they are a departure from Howard’s usual fare, these yarns are still Howard and he serves enough fast paced action and thrills to satisfy everyone’s appetite – unless, of course, you are a giant intelligent crab.

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