Outline for Special Occasion Speech Essay

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the life of Monica - Outline for Special Occasion Speech Essay introduction. Central idea: Monica was not only my sister, she was my friend. Introduction I. Read Poem II. Monica use to always say that “When you die, if you have one real friend, then you’ve had a great life. ” Monica was more than a sister to me, she was my friend. III. I remember like it was yesterday taking walks, playing in the woods, going fishing and sharing secrets. Body I. Growing up, we lived on a quiet dirt road surrounded by trees.

A. We would play in the woods from sun up to sun down. B. We would walk for hours talking about nothing and everything. C. We climbed trees, played hide and seek, and ate all the muscadine grapes that we wanted! II. At the end of the dirt road was a river. A. The river was dark, deep and flowed so peacefully. B. We would go fishing almost every weekend. 1. We grabbed our Dad’s fishing rods, dug up some bait worms from under a leaf pile in our back yard and off we went. 2.

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We hardly ever caught fish, but we sure did enjoy just talking. a. With our legs hanging over the river bank, we talked about school, boys, and what we wanted to be when we grew up. b. Monica wanted to be an artist. Conclusion I. I miss my sister more than words can say. II. I can still see her, sitting on the bank of the river, pant legs rolled up as her feet play in the water, the smile on her face that was stained with muscadines, as the sun set on that day so does it set now. III. Until we meet again. I love you.

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