Outline the Economic/Social/Environmental effects of such a migration

Following the Second World War, Germany was in a state of economic collapse. The country had lost over 4.5 million people in the war and many more, especially the Jewish population, had left the country in fear of being tortured, and persecution. There was nothing short of an economic miracle as Germany used aid from abroad to develop new industries in many cities. However, there was a shortage of labour that threatened the industrial recovery.

Importing ‘Guestworkers’, especially from Turkey, Yugoslavia, Italy and Greece solved this. These countries were less developed than Germany. When the Berlin wall was built, more labourers moved into West Germany from the East. The migration of ‘Guestworkers’ brought both advantages and disadvantages to the gaining country and the loosing country.

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Germany – Advantage – a cheap source of labour that can do the jobs, dangerous jobs that no one wanted to do.

Germany – Disadvantage – needed to provide housing and services for immigrants, and language problems with workforce.

Turkey – Advantage – reduces pressure on resources.

Turkey – Disadvantage – lose best skilled workers needed in home economy.

The Economic and Environmental effects of the Turkish ‘guestworkers’ international migration to Germany are that turkey will loose a lot of their highly trained workers and there will be reduced need for people to farm the land, but the level of unemployment will drop, as many will have jobs in Germany and Turkey, and the country will earn money through migrants sending money back to families, while Germany are gaining a new workforce.

The Social effects of this type of migration are: –

* There is a redistribution of the population, which tends to become more concentrated into core urban areas.

* Areas that tend to loose people usually have declining birth rates and an ageing population.

* Areas gaining population, especially cities in the developing countries gaining through rural to urban migration, also experience high rates of natural increase.

* Life is difficult for many migrants living in poor housing conditions with access only to poorly paid work.

Taking this information into hand, Germany is spending a lot of money on housing, food and clothing on the migrants although they are gaining a fairly skilled workforce to do the jobs that Germans do not want to do themselves, but Turkey are gaining little money from the migrants families.

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