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Overpopulation in California’s Prisons

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Overpopulated Prison’s and California’s Solution Barbara Leigh Werner Everest University Online California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mistake Recently a Federal Judge has court ordered California Officials to reduce the California Inmate population that is crowding their State Prisons within a six month time frame. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is again disappointing the California people and creating a newly revised strategy to drain the pockets of several California tax payers as anemergency solution to their current prison crisis.

Newly built prisons would be under construction to house some of the 40,000 inmates California has to relocate.

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Overpopulation in California’s Prisons
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With thirty-three Prisons, 173,000 inmates and only 87,250 beds the overwhelming number of inmates exceeded itsoptimum capacity by nearly 200%. Governor Schwarzenegger in a desperate attempt to reduce the population in California Prisons declared aPrison Emergency on October 4 as part of the Emergency Services Act. The Governor’s Administration began the process of shipping 2,300 inmates to private out of state correctional facilities such as Texas and Arizona.

This war later ordered illegal by a Federal Judge who threatened the Governor with contempt of court.

The Emergency Services Act is intended for national disasters and other situations that would overwhelm local jurisdictions and require state intervention. Problems on the Fore Front There are several problems that arise with overpopulated prisons, resulting in a high degree of medical concern. In an overpopulated prison inmates obtain a higher level of stress and elevate blood pressure. This leads to physical and psychological impairment and in an increase in medical complaints.

Errors in social judgmentsand interpersonal mistakes are made. The resources for prisoners deplete rapidly due to availability. The screenings for inmates are overlooked and the management for possible problematic prisoners is skipped causing an uneasy environment when mentally ill prisoners interact with the general population. Systems that grow at this lightening speed are at risk for losing their organizational stability and unable to maintain the grounds they guard with authority in place. There are a few simple solutions to help the population from increasing without osting the California taxpayers more money to build new construction prisons that appear to be overlooked. Ideas In an obvious attempt to lower the prison population the courts could shorten sentences given to convicted drug offenders. Those with convictions of possession, under the influence and minor distribution could be shortened or given alternative means of punishment. Also prostitution and solicitation charges could be reduced. These offenders if charged with three like crimes are most likely sitting in prison for several years under the three strikes law. The cost for one year imprisonment in California runs close to $50,000. 0 per inmate. Take 173,000 inmates and multiply by 50,000 and the total equals $8,650,000,000. 00. This is a number some people would not know how to pronounce or read. Shorten the years sentenced to those whom commit “paper crimes”. Giving false information in contracts to a government agency will find you five to ten years in prison. For the tax payers of California that is $250,000. 00 to $500,000. 00 total to incarcerate thisperson. The most effective idea brought about is to outsourceprisoners that are convicted in California but their home state or country is located somewhere else.

This could save California millions of dollars and lessen the population in our prisons. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger could create an agreement with other states or countries that if a person is convicted in California we would incarcerate them in their home state or country and California would pay the amount of funds to the state or country to incarceratethem. This cost would estimate 1/8 – ? the cost to house them in California and would give other states and countries a way to keep their prisons open and pay the associated costs of running a prison. Conclusion

An egotistical and arrogant govern ship has turned their heads to simple and beneficial ways to improve their problem at hand. The CPCR estimates that by the spring of 2012 the population in California prisons should jump to 190,000 inmates if a resolution is not found to correct the problem. Governor Schwarzenegger would be applauded if he were to stand up for California and withdraw from robbing their pockets of hard earned money and apply a positive solution. Otherwise he is as guilty as the next inmate that he is shipping off to another private state correctional facility and should join them in their arrival as a prisoner himself.

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Overpopulation in California’s Prisons. (2018, Feb 12). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/overpopulation-in-californias-prisons/

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