Owen Graduate School of Management: The African Business Club

I will bring Africa on the radar of the Owen Graduate School of Management by Collaborating with other African and International Students to inaugurate an African Business Club. Though Africa has for a long time been misunderstood and referred to as the Dark Continent, today’s Africa is rising from the ashes of the past as the continent has not only become a major investment destination but is also embracing democracy and improving its infrastructure and ease of doing business.

Despite the progress witnessed in the last few years, the continent is still in dire need of well rounded professionals that seek sustainable paths to development and also organisations that can showcase it to the world. My goal is to collaborate with current students and African Alumni, to inaugurate a club that will help increase awareness of business opportunities in Africa, deepen African content in the MBA curriculum, provide a platform to link Vanderbilt Owen students with top African careers and help Vanderbilt Owen improve its visibility & brand in Africa.

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This will ultimately increase the level of admission applications and recruitment from Africa. To help achieve this goal, the proposed African Business Club will hold an annual African Business Summit aimed at bringing together students and professionals under one roof to discuss new developments on the African continent. These conferences will discuss African trade, business regulatory framework, major economic sectors, emerging economic sectors, case studies from diverse sectors and business entry on the continent.

The African Business Club will leverage the overall Vanderbilt sterling reputation and the African, and emerging economies, professional network of the greater Vanderbilt Alumni members to attract frontline African and global professionals, academia, entrepreneurs and regulators to speak at these events. These conferences will provide all Vanderbilt students an insightful and distinct perspective of Africa and hopefully pique their interest in a global career.

As a student, I will be very engaged in the community by participating actively in student clubs like 100% Owen, Net Impact, Owen Blacked Students Association, Owen Culinary Society, Global Business Association, Distinguished Speaker Series, and the finance club. I also intend to actively participate in case competitions and fully participate in recruiting efforts. Post-MBA, I plan to open up the possibility of first year Vanderbilt Owen students securing internship or international study openings in foremost African multilateral finance nstitutions like the African Export Import Bank, Egypt, PTA Bank, Kenya and the African Finance Corporation, Nigeria.

As I go up the corporate ladder, I will actively pursue helping with placements using my extensive African and international network. I hope to one day in the not too distant future be able to contribute monetarily to the school by way of scholarships for African applicants and an endowment to help support the continued delivery of world class business education while attracting top-quality talent.

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