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Oxfam and Tesco

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Oxfam Oxfam’s aims and objectives are ….. |Tesco Tesco’s aims and objectives are….. | | |Stakeholders |Description |Point of view and influence on aims and |Description |Point of view and influence on aims and | | | |objectives | |objectives | |Customers |Where do they sell? What do customers want from the Oxfam? |Where do they sell? |What do customers want from the Tesco? | | |What do they sell? |How does this help them meet their aims |What do they sell? |How does this help them meet their aims | | |What type of customers do they have |and objectives? What type of customers do they have |and objectives? | | |(profile)? | |(profile)? |What can customers do if this is not | | | | | |happening? Why is this bad?

What have | | | | | |Tesco’s had to do within their aims and | | | | | |objectives to ensure customers are | | | | | |satidfied? | |Employees |What do volunteers do at Oxfam? |Why do people work for free at Oxfam? |What are the different jobs in a Tesco |Why would someone want to work at Tesco? | | |Who do Oxfam also pay to work for them? |How will this help them with their aims |store? Who else will they need to employ|What can the employee do to get what | | | |and objectives?

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Oxfam and Tesco
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Why do they still have |that does not work in one of their super|they want from Tesco? How could this be | | | |to pay some people to work for them? How|markets? |good and bad for Tesco? How does Tesco | | | |can these employees help? | |take account of its employees in its | | | | | |aims? Why do they do this? |Suppliers |As well as donations, what other stock |How do the donations help them to |What are the different brands that |What do the suppliers want from Tesco? | | |does Oxfam sell in its shops? |achieve their aims? What happens if |Tesco’s stock? What other countries do |How can they get this? How do the | | | |people stop donating? Why does having |they get their supplies from? |suppliers and Tesco have to work | | | |fair trade products benefit the | |together too?

How can suppliers impact | | | |suppliers which helps Oxfam meet their | |Tesco’s ability to meet its aims and | | | |aims? | |objectives.

| |Owners |Who came up with the idea behind Oxfam? |Why did people want to set up a company |What is meant by a public limited |What will shareholders want from Tesco? | | |How did they get started?

Who are they |without any financial reward? How will |company? Who can buy shares? How do you |What has recently happened to their | | |now owned by? Why do they not have |this impact their strategy? Want do they|buy a share? What do they get in return |share price? How can they get their | | |shareholders? What is meant by a board |prioritise as their aim? Do they need |for owning a share? |voice heard and impact Tesco? What will | | |of trustees? |business aims linked to costs etc.

too? |Tesco have to foucs on as part of its | | | | | |aims and objectives? Why might this harm| | | | | |other stakeholders, creating conflict? | |Trade Union |Why are the individuals who work for | |What is meant by a ttrade union?

What do|What will the trade union want for their| | |Oxfam unlikely to join a trade union? | |they do and how do they work? Who are |workers? What examples are there of | | |Why might Oxfam fight to see trade | |the USDAW? How are they linked to Tesco |this? How can they do this? What is | | |unions recognised? | |workers? |meant by industrial action?

Why could | | | | | |this be bad for Tesco’s aims and | | | | | |objectives? Are there any good things a | | | | | |union does? How can it help with | | | | | |communication?

Why might this benefit | | | | | |Tesco? | |Employee association | | | | | | | | | | | |Local community |Who makes up the local community?

How | |What groups will be happy with Tesco’s | | | |can areas in the UK benefit from Oxfam | |in a local area and why? What groups of | | | |work? | |people might be un-happy by a new store | | | | | |and why? | | |National community |Who makes up the national community?

How| |Where do Tesco sell their goods and |Why might a Government try to help Tesco| | |can other countries benefit from Oxfam | |services globally? How do foreign |and encourage them to set up in their | | |work? What examples are there of this? | |countries benfit from Tesco operating in|country? How can they help Tesco’s do | | | | |their country? What negative aspects are|this?

What has been the response to | | | | |their for domestic firms in the country |large MNC’s by some? Why might some | | | | |and the impact of transporting food etc |people not want a Tesco in their | | | | |around the world? |country? What can they do to prevent | | | | | |his?

Why is this bad for Tesco and their| | | | | |aims and objectives? | |Government |What assistance does the Government give|Why do Governments like charities? How |What is corporation tax? How much is it |How can the Government negatively impact| | |charities? |can it help them with aid and |in the UK? What are the competitions |Tesco? How does this impact their aims? | | |development? By supporting charities how|commissions? What is the office of fair |What can the Government do about food | | | |does it help them meet their aims and |trading? How have they impacted Tesco? |labelling, tax, environmental | | | |objectives? | |legislation that impact Tesco? How can | | | | |the provision of education and the NHS | | | | | |be beneficial to Tesco and its aims? How| | | | | |can Tesco help the Government and vice | | | | | |versa ? |

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