pain mamangemt case study

During the nurse’s initial interview, Wrenda shares information about her home, career, and family. The nurse evaluates the information to determine psychosocial factors that may impact pain management.
Correct Wrenda’s younger child is an infant, who feeds every 3 hours.
Feeding an infant every 3 hours interrupts sleep and results in fatigue. Fatigue often heightens the perception of pain and impairs coping skills.
Wrenda’s 4-year-old enjoys being the “big brother” to his baby sister.
This is a normal healthy response by the child and is unlikely to significantly impact Wrenda’s pain perception.
Wrenda was a first grade teacher before having children but now stays home.
Other information is more likely to impact pain perception.
Wrenda’s parents live in the same neighborhood and often help with the children.
Other information is more likely to impact pain perception.
To assess the quality of Wrenda’s pain, the nurse asks which question?
“On a scale of 0 to 10, how would you rate your pain?”
This question elicits information about the intensity of the pain.
Correct “What word best describes the pain you are experiencing?”
The quality of pain experienced is typically a descriptive term, such as burning, crushing, aching, or stabbing.
“What actions do you take to relieve the pain?”
This question elicits information about the duration of the pain and relief measures related to the pain.
Incorrect “What do you fear most about your pain?”
This question elicits information about the onset of the pain.
What is the best goal for the nurse to include in the plan of care related to the problem statement of, “Acute pain related to strain on muscles with movement?”
Client reports pain of 1 on a 0-10 scale.
Before implementing any interventions, what action is most important for the nurse to take?
Discuss the plan of care with the client.
Wrenda decides to purchase buffered aspirin and asks if this medication is also safe to give her 4-year-old son since he occasionally experiences viral infections and becomes feverish.
All aspirin products should be avoided in children unless specifically prescribed.

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Wrenda tells the nurse that she has an electric heating pad at home that she used when she sprained her ankle.
The dry heat provided by your heating pad will help relieve your pain by promoting muscle relaxation.”
Which instruction is most important for the nurse to provide?
Excessive exposure to cold can damage the skin.
How should the nurse explain the mechanism that causes the skin to become reddened from prolonged exposure to cold?
Cold causes vasoconstriction. After prolonged exposure, reflex vasodilation occurs to restore adequate blood supply to the tissues.
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