Paraphrasing ‘on the Art of Living with Others

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Paraphrasing “On the Art of Living with Others” Paragraph one is asking why people don’t get along. It also states that there are no “epics” about real life because people would find it boring. Paragraph two is saying that no two people get along perfectly but it always helps if you put effort into maintaining the relationship. Paragraph three – No two people are the same and don’t assume so because you have a lot in common. Also, don’t expect everyone to agree with what you say, people will be different and hold different opinions on things that may differ from your own, don’t judge them harshly for it.

Paragraph four – Everyone has different pursuits in life. Don’t judge them for wanting a different outcome than you. Paragraph five – People will start arguing and it will escalate to the point of them not even caring about the original subject, they just argue for the sake of proving themselves right and shaming the other individual. Paragraph six – If you can’t sit down and look at both sides of an argument, it’s likely that the argument may never end. You must understand your opposition before you come to a peaceful resolve.

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Paragraph seven – Don’t overly judge the people you are around all the time, you’ll see them the next day. The people who happen to do this often are guilty of it themselves. Paragraph eight – Criticism can cause a person to become defensive, which often leads to arguments. Paragraph nine – Just because you can trust someone with your gossip doesn’t mean that you should do it. Talking behind people’s backs never turns out well. Paragraph ten – Don’t expect more than what life and people have to offer.

Even in the brightest rooms, the people in them may be going through a personal hell. Paragraph eleven – There are two types of positive people in the world, cheerful people and the people who like to sit back and watch the quarrel unfold. Paragraph twelve – Temper is a major flaw in a lot of people. Two temperamental people will not get along together, but two positive people can live together just fine. The best way to deal with ill-tempered people is to do just that, tolerate them.

Paragraph thirteen – Be careful accepting new people into your group of very close, intimate friends. That’s a special bond that shouldn’t be put to waste. Paragraph fourteen – One thing that will surely cause conflict is insulting a person’s taste. People will have different views than you; you just have to deal with it. Paragraph fifteen – It takes work to get along with people, but it pays off. Christianity’s morals should be followed by all, regardless of religion, they are there because they are a good way to live your life and get along with peers.

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