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Parents and Teens, Pressure to Get Good Grades

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Peer pressure, it has been questioned alot. Students are pressured to do good in school, they are also pressured by their family. So, children are pressured to grow up too fast, by many ways; Such as, pushed by their parents to get good grades, teens get pressured by a tradition to a college that was carried onto the families by generation and the pressures to get a job. Therefore, there are multiple ways teens can get pressured by family to do things.

Teens are the future. They have to learn many things at a young age to achieve big goals later on in life.

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Parents and Teens, Pressure to Get Good Grades
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Parents want the best out of their teens and it can be very stressful for the teen when the parents start to talk to them about getting good grades and giving them bigger responsibilities. Many teens have a lot to deal with, that some of those teens can’t handle it. They can turn to cheating on test and getting involved into drugs to relive their stress.

If the teen is in a family that has little money they will have to work harder as a child because they might have a smaller financial support than teens in a better and more wealthy home.

The pressure of receiving good grades in school can be excessive, and the teen may cheat on assignments and tests. Most parents apply pressure upon the student in order to keep up with there school work and not allow the student to fall behind. The pressure received by the parents can exceed the teens ability in school and can result in falling behind. Debra Satz, a professor at Stanford University, states, “Students are seeing what the world is like, what the downside is of not succeeding.

While looking into the future can be beneficial and motivating, a student who becomes overwhelmed with the thought of failure can worry too much and stress themselves out, causing the student do poorly in school. Therefore some teens have said they feel pressured by their parents to do good in school because there parents expect them to well and carry on a family tradition. Which may lead into a pressure of the soon-to-be-graduating, teen to get into a certain college that was carried through the family.

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Parents and Teens, Pressure to Get Good Grades. (2016, Oct 09). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/parents-and-teens-pressure-to-get-good-grades/

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