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Parking Garages

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Parking Proposal Stephanie Everman (Student) University of Oklahoma Regents C-O David Boren, President of University of Oklahoma The University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma Oklahoma, 73019 April 7, 2013 Dear President Boren and University of Oklahoma Regents: Enclosed is a proposal that addresses our university’s minimum parking options for students who park in the parking garages and parking lots. My proposal portrays the major problem concerning the minimum of parking availability and provides a practical solution for the university.

The enclosed proposal suggests a solution for the University of Oklahoma to build parking garages on top of parking lots and/or build more parking garages closer to the buildings on campus where there are classes for students.

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Parking Garages
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Currently, students are required to pay a total of $195 for a parking permit for a whole year to park in certain areas in the campus even though a parking spot is not guaranteed. This proposal would help students be able to have more options on where to park and not have to spend thirty minutes or more looking for a parking spot before class.

The benefits of my plan include more available parking spots, fewer car accidents, better attendance in classes, better overall grades in classes, fewer sicknesses, and fewer fines to be paid for parking illegally. I hope that my proposal is received well and is considered thoroughly as a practical solution. Additional changes to the minimum of availability of parking places might help the campus be more desirable to students to attend, rather than being frustrated before even arriving to the university due to knowing there will be a good amount of time wasted searching for a parking spot to park in. Contact me by email, Stephanie. D.

A Proposal to Build Additional Parking Garages Submitted by Stephanie Everman (Student) Problem The problem with this university’s required parking permit of $195 that allows students to park in certain areas in the campus is that there are not enough parking places for students to park in even though students have already paid for a parking permit. There are a total of 1,300 parking places in the closest parking garages, Elm Avenue Parking Facility and Asp Avenue Parking Facility, with according to ou. du, about 27,518 students that are enrolled into the university. The number of parking places available in the two parking garages and the number of students enrolled into the university does not match, making students have to wait thirty minutes or more searching for a parking spot. That amount of time searching for a parking place is equivalent to the time span of a television show. Having no place to park with a prepaid parking permit is frustrating to not only me, but to several other students in the university.

Also, the parking garages that are the closest to the classrooms can still end up being ten to twenty minutes away, making students walk in all types of weather such as snow, sleet, rain, heat, and etc. Having students walk in all types of serious weather conditions makes students sick or dehydrated. Proposed Solution I propose that our university build additional parking garages that are closer to the classrooms and also build on to parking lots. Building on to the parking lots would make those parking lots 2 morph into parking garages, which will provide several hundred more parking places than the original parking lot provided.

I will also like to propose that students pay additional money for parking permits or other fees that need to be paid while attending the university, so that the money is getting funded back toward the amount of money that will be used to build the parking garages. Justification My proposal would allow students to be able to find a parking place in a smaller amount of time than it takes currently, have students be able to attend more of their classes, have a better overall grade in certain classes, have students be able to walk to class in a smaller amount of time, have fewer car accidents, and have fewer fines that need to be paid.

This proposal would resolve all these issues on behalf of not finding a parking spot. These issues may still proceed, but only due to other issues that arise. Building more parking garages would help students find a parking spot more quickly. Students would not have to spend the time it takes currently to find a parking spot even though the parking permit that is dangling on the rearview mirror is paid for. Students that commute to the university have to leave earlier to make sure they get to the university on time to attend their classes.

However, students who commute have to also leave earlier than the time it takes to drive to the university to give their selves allotted time to search for a parking spot. Having more parking garages would allow the students who commute to the university not have to leave so 3 early from home, which lets those students either sleep a little more or possibly study for an upcoming exam longer. Due to the amount of time it takes for students to finally find a parking spot, classes are missed, making those students have poor attendance.

When a student has poor attendance, they will also not have good notes to study with for an exam. Not having good notes makes a student prepare for an exam poorly and only makes that student not do so great on the test. No parking spot initially leads to poor grades when students cannot get to their class on time. When students do not make good grades, the overall average of grades for the university is low, making the university have a bad reputation toward how well students do while attending the university. When students cannot find a parking spot, sometimes the last resort is parking illegally or parking at a parking meter.

Either way, money will be involved even though students are already paying for a parking permit. If a student’s last resort is to park illegally, they are jeopardizing coming back to their vehicle with a fine that needs to be paid. However, a student could park at a parking meter if they have money on them instead of parking illegally, but it is unfair for students to have to pay for a meter when students are already paying $195 for a parking permit. Fines and parking meters will just add on to the amount of money students have to pay for towards college.

Closer parking garages would help students not have to walk in all types of serious weather conditions as long as students currently have to walk in. Walking ten to twenty minutes from the parking garage to the classrooms in snow, sleet, heat, rain, hail, or wind causes students to become sick, cold, or dehydrated. Not only would closer parking garages help students not 4 have to walk in bad weather conditions as long but if students do not have to walk as long in those types of weather, then students will not get sick as much making them be able to attend class more often.

Last but not least, having more parking garages would cause fewer car accidents because there would not be as many vehicles crowding in one parking garage. I have attended the university for almost a whole school year now and have been parking at Elm Avenue Parking Facility for only my spring semester and have witnessed nine car accidents alone in the same parking garage. There are just too many vehicles going up and down the levels while vehicles are pulling out of parking spots at the same time. Building more parking garages or adding on to the parking lots would help prevent car accidents greatly. Resemblance

When a student pays for a parking permit, that student feels as if they are guaranteed a parking spot in any garage or lot that allows parking permits. When a student cannot find a parking spot, frustration builds up making that student either leave to a different parking garage or parking lot or leave to go back home or back to the dorms. In other instances, some students even pay an additional amount of money for a parking meter or a fine due to parking illegally. This instance can be compared to a person wanting to find a hotel room with the right amount of money on them but find out there are no more rooms for the price they want.

Frustration builds on the person who has been driving for hours only to find out they need to either pay more money for a suite or drive somewhere else to find a different hotel. Both cases, the person has the right 5 requirements for what they want but something is standing in their way, making both people frustrated at the obstacle when they feel like the room or parking spot should be guaranteed. Personal Experience My sister and I left an hour before our class started because it takes thirty minutes for the drive to the university and we wanted to make sure there was enough time for us to find a parking place before our music exam.

We thought surely we would have enough time to find a parking spot when we arrived at the parking garage thirty minutes before the exam started. We went up and down all five levels and did not find a parking spot with five minutes before our test started. We did not bring any money on us so we could not park at a parking meter. We took a chance and parked in a handicap spot. This made us feel bad and nervous because we did not know if we would make it to where a true handicap student would not be able to park and if we would get caught and have a fine sitting on our window.

We did not receive a parking ticket that day, but I have heard of other students doing the same and having to pay the fines. If there were enough parking spots, my sister and I would not have to worry leaving so early from home and being nervous about whether or not we will have to park in a parking meter or handicap spot. Cost For a five-story parking garage such as the Elm Avenue Parking Facility, according to fixr. com the cost would be close to $59 per square foot. However, the $59 per square foot is not counting 6 towards the amount for contractor fees, materials, and architectural costs.

Because the costs for parking garages are very expensive, having students pay more towards their parking permit would be enforced. Also, there could be more meters placed elsewhere that would help bring money in and also have more places for visitors to park at, making the campus more visitor friendly. Enrolled Students As each school year passes, the number of students enrolling into the university increases (see Figure 1). Due to the increase of students enrolling into the university, it causes parking to increasingly be a struggle to find a parking place. According to ou. du, there are approximately 10,900 parking spaces, 10,300 surface spaces and 600 garage spaces, designated for the university’s students. However, keep in mind that a good sized portion of these parking spaces are parking spaces that students are not willing to park in because of the distance between the parking spaces and the buildings with the classrooms. If there is a total of 10,900 parking spaces with a total of 27,518 students enrolled into the university, 16,618 students are not able to park in a parking space. 7 Graph Figure 1 Other Expenses for Students Students who commute to school already are spending an average of $3. 0 a gallon of gas. When students, commuters or non-commuters, are driving around for thirty minutes in parking garages, they are essentially wasting gas. Wasting gas causes students to have to fill up their tank sooner than they hoped for, which cuts down on other expenses students need to pay for towards college. Not only are students wasting their gas when they are driving up and down five levels searching for a spot, their vehicles are also affecting the environment. According to greenliving. nationalgeographic. com, cars emit greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide, which 8 contribute to global warming.

The more students use their vehicles when looking for a parking spot, the more the vehicles are affecting the environment. If there were more parking garages to park in, the time of searching for a parking place would be cut down tremendously as well as the gasses being emitted into the air. Conclusion Having not enough parking spaces anywhere is frustrating to anyone who needs to park their vehicle to get to where they need to be. College students already have so much to worry about, grades, exams, work, homework, fees, and college expenses, that parking should not be on that list.

The university should put building parking garages on their priority list because it would help students in so many areas of school such as better grades, better test scores, fewer fines so that more money goes toward the university, and fewer car accidents. After researching whether or not other universities have alternate parking options or good parking overall, I came to the conclusion that a majority of universities are struggling with parking options for students. The University of Oklahoma strives to be the best athletic school, having the best grade average from students, the most appealing university, and the safest university.

If the university strives to be the best in so many areas, then why is parking such a struggle for students and a struggle for the university to be the best university with parking availability? If the university builds more parking garages, the university would be that much closer into striving to be the best university overall. 9 Works Cited Fixr. “Building A Parking Garage Cost. ” Fixr. com. Fixr, 2013. Web. 7 Apr. 2013. <http://www. fixr. com/costs/build-parking-garage>. National Geographic. “How Does Car Pollution Affect the Environment & Ozone Layer? “Greenliving. ationalgeographic. com. National Geographic, n. d. Web. 7 Apr. 2013. <http://greenliving. nationalgeographic. com/car-pollution-affect-environment-ozone-layer20133. html>. The Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma. “Parking Spaces and Garages. ” Ou. edu. Universityof Oklahoma, 13 Apr. 2011. Web. 7 Apr. 2013. <https://www. ou. edu/content/parking/faqs_section/parking_spaces_garages. html>. University of Oklahoma. “Norman Campus Enrollment Summary. ” Ou. edu. University of Oklahoma, 22Oct. 2012. Web. 7 Apr. 2013. <http://www. ou. edu/provost/ir/quickfacts-fall12. pdf>.

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