Part of Marine Diesel Engine Essay

Below is a cross-sectional view of a Sulzer Main Diesel Engine and the names of the component parts - Part of Marine Diesel Engine Essay introduction. The starting air valve is used to lead highly compressed air to push the piston for turning the engine when starting. In this 2-stroke engine, the air intake and exhaust are taken into the engine cylinder liner through scavenging ports and exhaust ports. The cylinder head covers the top of the cylinder and houses the starting air valve, fuel valve or injector. It will also contain a relief valve and indicator cock.

The piston contains piston rings that will seal the high pressure combustion gases from the bottom part of the engine. The piston is cooled by water that is led through telescopic tubes into the hollow piston assembly. The cylinder liner is surrounded by cooling jacket water. This can be removed and changed. The seals between the cylinder liner and the engine block is by silicone o-rings that can stand the high temperatures. Underneath the piston is a space that is used for air intake.

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The scavenging air makes use of the movement of the piston to pump the air into the cylinder liner during air intake stroke. A turbocharger is installed to compress the air slightly for better efficiency. It makes use of the energy of the exhaust gas to drive the turbine blades and eventually the blower. The piston rod moves vertically and is sealed at the piston rod gland. This prevents the air from escaping into the crankcase. The crosshead converts the vertical movement of the piston into rotary motion at the connecting rod-crankshaft.

The lubrication of the crosshead is through articulating pipes. The lubrication of the journal bearings and crankpin bearings is through the lubricating oil system. The tie rods secure the whole engine block together. There is also crankcase relief valve for reducing the damage if there is a crankcase explosion. The bedplate contains the main bearings for the crankshaft and the thrust bearings. The whole engine rests on the bedplate that is secured to the ship structure.

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