Participant Observation Essay

Observation for qualitative research By: Fatemeh Hassani I - Participant Observation Essay introduction. Context: Koi Kinrara condominium gym center in Puchong II. Date and Duration: March 22nd 2013, Friday evening 6 to 8 pm III. Personal Observation: I went in my condo’s gym center to do my exercise and also have my observation practice. The gym has good condition and also clean to be acceptable spend time there and do exercise. All equipments are professional, they are from the United States and they are new. The gym has many big windows which make the environment full of light and also make a good view from swimming pool and garden.

Air conditioner working well and not smell bad at all. Out of four gym’s walls, one whole wall has tall windows and the other one is vitreous door, the third and the fourth ones are surrounded by mirrors. I arrived there 6 in the evening, just 2 treadmills had been busy, out of 5 treadmills. One of them was busy with a big and tall black man, he put had set of his ears and the other one was busy by a Chines man. I chose one treadmill which I could see the whole gym during my exercise. There were two different men who had been busy by bodybuilding both of them were foreigners.

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I was the only women there. All four men were busy by their exercise and no body talk to the other. At 6:30 a Chines couple came to the gym and the rest still busy, the couple started by stretching their body and after short stretching exercise they started using cycle and they talked to each other with their language. The black man on the treadmill finished his running and he went for bodybuilding. At 6:50 another black man came in the gym and he started running on the treadmill. One of the two men who they were busy by bodybuilding since I went there finished his exercise and he left the gym.

At 7pm another foreigner who was busy with bodybuilding left the gym and just me, Chines Couple and 2 black men and the other Chines on the treadmill stay at the gym. 10 minutes later a young Chinese man came into the gym and another foreigner man after he came in as well. By 7:30 Chines Couple left the gym and again I was there as woman in the gym. Everybody was busy with their exercise and no talking at all. I left the gym by 8 pm and surprisingly no more woman came till that time and no Malay people as well!

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