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Pauls Case And Barn Burning Research

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Paul`s Case And Barn Burning Essay, Research Paper

The narratives? Barn Burning? written by William Faulkner and? Paul? s

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Pauls Case And Barn Burning Research
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Case? written by Willa Cather both have two separate characters with really

similar problems. Each has a unambiguously sad narration. ? Barn Burning? is a sad

narrative because it non merely shows the classical battle between the

underprivileged and the privileged categories, but besides the battle between a

male parent and his boy, Sarty. Together, these two male childs portion comparable life styles.

Each has struggles with his male parent, fantasize of a wealthier being, and flee

from the trials in his life. Sarty? s chief quandary is his trueness to his

household, which collides with his letdown and suppressed disfavor for his

ain male parent. He tends to conceal his feelings by denying the facts, ? our enemy he

thought in that desperation: ourn! mine and his both! He? s my male parent! ? ( Faulkner

171 ) . Sarty appears to be fearful of his male parent: ? If I would hold said they

wanted merely truth, justness, he would hold hit me once more.

But now he said nil.

He was non shouting. He jut stood there. ? ( Faulkner 173 ) In comparing, Paul and

his male parent besides have struggles and Paul excessively seems to be afraid of his ain

male parent. He decides that he would much instead pass the dark in the basement of

his house than travel inside and confront his male parent. Paul does non experience every bit much at place

when he is at his male parent? s house as he does at Carnegie Hall where he works as

an Ussher and spends most of his clip. Paul? s instructors and his male parent believe

his working at the theatre affects his schooling. As a consequence, Paul? s male parent

takes him out of school and forces him to work for a company referred to merely as

the “ house of Denny and Carson ” as an office male child. Paul? s dream T


unrecorded like the stars is taken away when his male parent forbids him to work, see, or

travel anyplace near the theatre. It is at Carnegie Hall that Paul became struck by

the glister and the starlight of the phase. He is non leading struck in the sense

that he wanted to execute in any manner ; he is merely content to detect others & # 8217 ;

public presentations. He is struck in the sense that he wants to populate the manner the

characters in the dramas do. He imagines them populating to all the extent of their

money, gorging on beautiful music, art, and life. Sarty, like Paul, is slightly

mercenary. He dreams of a big house and the comfort of money. He desires

to be in a higher-class differentiation despite his male parent? s resentment sing

the upper category. Sarty views the de Spain sign of the zodiac as a bastion protected against

fleeting stings from his male parent, ? the buzzing wasp. ? ( Faulkner 174 ) His

male parent sees the house as? pretty and white, ? built on? perspiration, nigga

perspiration. Possibly it ain? t white plenty yet to accommodate him. Possibly he ( de Spain ) wants

to blend some white perspiration with it. ? ( Faulkner 175 ) Paul pocketed about one

thousand dollars from the hard currency in the sedimentation belonging to the company his

father made him work for. His dream is shorted by his offense when the narrative of

his larceny and his male parent & # 8217 ; s hunt is published in rather a few big newspapers.

Alternatively of confronting his offenses and his male parent, he jumps in forepart of a train,

thereby, of class, perpetrating self-destruction. Paul & # 8217 ; s last ideas are on the things

that he will ne’er acquire to make, because he ended it all before his clip. Like

Paul, Sarty runs off from the lone life he has of all time known and all of his

household. Sarty wants to populate out his dream, which consists of a moral life

harmonizing to his ain values.

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