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College Players Getting Paid

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The question of whether or not student athletes around the country should be paid or not has been lingering around college sports as long as college sports itself. College athletes around the country have been making millions of millions of dollars for their alma matters, however, they aren’t getting a penny for their performance. This may be an argument for why student athletes should actually be paid. This topic has gotten huge attention, and the highest authorities of the NCAA have acknowledged it.

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College Players Getting Paid
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With the momentum this topic has achieved, there are many questions that must be asked: Who would pay them? How do you pay them? How much do you pay them? There are so many questions that schools and the NCAA board need to ask. Although there are many unknowns circling this issue, one thing is for sure – student athletes deserve to get a piece of the pie they helped baked. First off, the go to argument of people against paying student athletes is that they are getting a free education, although it is not necessarily true.

For all the young kids that believe are getting a “full” scholarship is wrong.

According to, “The Truth about Athletic Scholarships”, ‘A “full” athletic scholarship covers the following costs of college: tuition, certain course- elated fees, room and board, and the value or provision of books. An athletic scholarship may not cover all student fees, and also may not cover things like parking fines, a single room in the dorm, library fines or late fees, etc. ” This shows that what you hear is not always what you get, recruiters and coaches can tell you that you can get an education for free but you’re actually not.

In Gregg Dowel’s article of CBS Sports, ‘According to a study by the National College Players Association and Drexel university, the average all-expenses- paid scholarship doesn’t pay all expenses after all. Turns out, according to the duty, the average college football or men’s basketball player owes more than $3,000 $3,222 to be exact, from his own pocket. Per year. Multiply that by four, and the free ride given to college athletes isn’t remotely close to free. ” (Doyle).

These kids believe that they are getting an education and getting to play their respective sports for free are actually having to pay about $12,000- $13,000 after four years while someone who received a full ride academic scholarship is actually getting a free education is ridiculous. A student who gets an academic scholarship must worry about their school work but at the name time they can find a job in their spare time to make money in contrast to student athletes who are working their ass off but get no profit, financial wise.

A good portion of these students don’t have the money to pay for a good education therefore they rely on their talents to earn themselves a sports scholarship. Once the students receive their “full” ride to the school, shouldn’t it be an actual full ride? Because only a small amount of the athletes who get a sports scholarship actually become professionals and make big money to pay for all their expenses in college. Therefore, the go to argument or people opposing the payment of student athletes turns out to be nothing but a myth.

This particular topic has been an ongoing within the sports world. Some say that kids are already getting paid by receiving a free education but from the passed paragraph it is researched that they actually still pay up to $13,000. Some people in the college sports world say college athletes should not be paid, but the most important people in college sports, the athletes themselves, seem to say otherwise. Many students usually try to look for a job to make money while they are at school.

Money is hard to come by while o’er practicing at least 3 hours, 2 times a day and having to study for school. In this other article, but USA Today Sports it was an interview of some of the athletes that played in this past NCAA National Championship, most of the players from Notre Dame and Alabama when asked if they believe if college athletes should be paid said that they should. “I feel like we should be. Everybody doesn’t come from a wealthy background where they can get money from their parents. ” (Alabama Player). L think one of the advantages of not being an athlete is that it gives you the opportunity to be a student at the same time and work a job. It’s really tough having no source of income. ” (Notre Dame Player). Although, these young adults may do some stupid things sometimes with their money evident of what some young athletes have done with their money in the professional leagues, like buying expensive unneeded jewelry or luxury cars. Many retired athletes are filing for bankruptcy because of some dumb decisions they made with their money.

Though people aren’t saying that these kids should be making millions while they are still in college but they do deserve some of the profit that they are making for their schools because they are the driving force of the money asking business of their athletic program, without their performance there will be no money. In 201 2, The Ohio State Buckeyes went undefeated, but in consequence of illegal benefits some passed athletes received they were not allowed to play in a bowl game.

Some experts even had them in the national championship this year instead of Alabama if they did not have the ban and that could have made the school millions of dollars. Instead they got nothing, however, the football coach Urban Meyer still received a $1 50,000 bonus for finishing in the AP top 25 poll. NCAA Division I football and NCAA basketball coaches and schools are making millions of dollars due to the athletes performances on the field. To recap, an average college player at a big-time program doesn’t have all of his promised expenses paid for while their coaches’ salaries continue to rise, their programs continue to profit and expand, and their universities continue to spend. Everyone benefits financially, except for the athletes, themselves. ” (Baxter). This article by Baxter connected very much so concerning that these big schools and big time coaches are making huge money and they’re making all these money because of the young athletes ho are worth so much to school.

They are promised a full ride, but really they still have to pay, is that fair to the hard working student athletes who work their ass off in high school to receive a sports scholarship? No, a promise should be kept, either give them a full scholarship or pay them. These days, getting a good education is very expensive and for many kids getting a scholarship is the most important factor in being able to afford a particular school. People who oppose that student athletes should be paid are saying that these kids are getting a free education due to their sports scholarships.

An article by Paul Daugherty he expresses clear aggression and passion about the topic, “College is a privilege. It is earned, not bestowed. ” (Daugherty). Going to college is very expensive It costs $57,1 80 to go to Duke. It’s $31,946 to attend Butler. The Leistering of Cincinnati, a public, urban college with lots of commuters, costs $24,942 for out of state tuition. Many of the people that went to school ten to twenty years ago are still paying off their tuition, so being a scholarship athlete is considered a huge privilege. “It’s the sort of outlay that keeps parents awake at 3 a. M.

Unless, of course, you’re the parent of an athlete on full scholarship” Daugherty also says a student athlete gets an opportunity to audition for the professionals and gets a free education, being on a sports scholarship is a huge benefit and a privilege, and according to Daugherty young with that opportunity don’t particularity need much more money because they’re already saving a bunch of money and are line to make more money making opportunities in the future. The age old question still exists: should college athletes be paid? The evidence is clear that student athletes should be get a cut of the profit.

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