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People Have Problems – Baby Dumping

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INTRODUCTION : In our society today, people of every age have problems that they need to deal with. Some problem for one age may differ from the problem of another age, or they may be just the same. MAIN POINT :

* Most of the parents failed to inject the knowledge of sex into the mind of their children. * Parents always think that their children will understand everything about sex when they grow up. * This is the natural ability that everybody has and they no need to talk to their children about sex.

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People Have Problems – Baby Dumping
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2 ) illegal racing

* After having a race, usually they will headed to the night club. This is the place where they start to take drugs and become addicted to alcohol. * will lead them to have an unprotected sex, which means having sex without taking any prevention for pregnancy. * commonly it being held at night, and of course it gives troubles to other road users. Apart from that, it also can be deadly for that person.

3 ) Having free sex

* High school students are too immature to fully understand the effects of free sex could have on their lives. * Take a risk to abort the baby before their family aware of the physical changes later on. * Abortion is a risky action which can be fatal to the mother.

4 ) The occurrence of an illegitimate child
* Want to hide the deception that they are willing to throw out the baby with the hope given the opportunity to lead a new life. * Not willing ridiculed and mocked by the local community.

5 ) Parents don’t give full attention to their children
* Today many parents are expect their children are good enough. * Parents are also too busy with their jobs until they forget to give attention to their children. * A serious problem among parents as they don’t know what their children are doing.

6 ) Peer influence also cause problems baby dumping cases occur * teenagers are very easily influenced by their peers.
* worsens when they hergaul with negative peer.
* Negative partners will invite young people to do things outside the confines of religion.

* There are various factors that cause cases of baby dumping occur. This problem should be addressed and resolved by performing these steps are effective before the situation gets worse then threaten the future of the country.


Title : causes of baby dumping

Name :Nur Amalina Bt Zalini
No. ID : 0480 – DDG – 12

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People Have Problems – Baby Dumping. (2016, Oct 30). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/people-have-problems-baby-dumping/

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