Performance Appraisal Feedback Essay

- Performance Appraisal Feedback Essay introduction.

Performance Appraisal Feedback


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Performance Appraisal Feedback
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A publishing company based in Maryland conducts a simple bi-annual performance appraisal wherein employees are given questions that evaluates himself and his direct supervisor.  In this kind of appraisal, the employee is asked for his: current assignments, accomplishments within a six-month period, goals and plans for the next six months, comments regarding his direct superior, and other miscellaneous topics he wants to talk about.


In a way, the appraisal allows the employee liberty at expressing whatever he wants to say, while providing a general outline of what the company wants to know in terms of productivity.  The “Remarks” section is where the employee could make recommendations or questions regarding the systems and management policies.  The “Upward Appraisal” section is where the employee should make comments regarding his superior’s handling of the team.


This kind of appraisal allows management to get a general idea of how an employee has performed within a six-month period.  Production-wise, it will be easy to gauge whether an employee has been productive or not.  But on a more personal level, management may not get enough feedback.  Also, there are no specific lead questions that would guide the employees on making their evaluations.  Some employees might be too lazy to elaborate, or too shy to express what they really need to say.  It’s the same for the supervisor appraisal.  A subordinate might hesitate to say anything negative since the appraisal form is submitted to the immediate superior.


One way of improving this appraisal form is to put lead sub-questions in order for management to get more feedback.  Also, the supervisor evaluation should be submitted to the human resources department to avoid awkwardness.

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